Green Police

Being an effete liberal elitist, I didn’t watch Super Bowl XLIV this past weekend and so missed all the big-budget commercials. Since then however, I’ve heard this spot for the new Audi TDI (a really very ugly car, imho) was one of the best:

Hmmm. If so, it doesn’t say much for the rest of the ad lineup. It’s kind of funny, I guess. You know, if you happen to find Reno 911 a hoot. It’s curious though to speculate what demographic the ad was meant to attract. For what it’s worth, National Post’s Lorne Gunter thought it was “brilliant” — so maybe it was aimed at smug, intellectually meretricious assholes.

Speaking of which, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he really did mope around his house (or the bedroom, in any case) wearing a pair of welder’s goggles, or that he may in fact have a secret stash of disposable diapers as was alluded to in his recent column



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8 responses to “Green Police

  1. Bob

    Hey asshole……’re rubber room awaits.

  2. Tomm

    I’m with Gunter on this. I have had my fill of green evangelism and am pleased so see someone poking a little fun at it.

  3. Bob

    Hey asshole……’re rubber room awaits.

    should be “hey, you’re the asshole, your rubber room awaits.

  4. Bob

    How’s the mental problems going Martin?

  5. I watched it because my brother-in-law is a grid iron fanatic. I found only a couple of commercials funny. The Focus on the Family commercial was so subtle that my strongly pro-choice sister didn’t even recognize it as an anti-abortion ad.

  6. I thought the ad was modestly funny. As amusing as anthing else, except perhaps for Betty White and Abe Vigoda getting hammered in a game of backyard football.

    However, it IS bordering on brilliant in this respect:

    Doing something for the environment does not have to make you an environmental zealot.

    As I’ve tried, and failed, to discuss on BCL, alienating those who haven’t “bought in” is much less effective than more subtle and rational education. It may take time, which is in short-supply with the “McDonalds” crowd, but, all in all, I think it’s more effective.

    Good ad, and makes buying a hybrid less likely to make you think you’re joining a crowd of humourless philosophy professors smoking pipes.

  7. Not a great ad lineup this year. The Budweiser ads were especially horrible. Always get a kick out of the E-Trade babies though. The Google Paris Romance one was well done too.

  8. sapphireandsteel

    How’s the English problems Bob?

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