Psycho Talking “Off the Cuff”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz takes a well-deserved shot at Gretchen Carlson’s cockamamie theory about Sarah Palin’s reading crib notes from her hand during a follow-up interview at last weekend’s “Tea Party” convention as being a deliberate form of mockery aimed at President Obama’s penchant for speaking to audiences from a teleprompter.

Not even close… and no cigar for you, former Miss America!

By the way, just as an interesting side-note, did you know that Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann was Carlson’s nanny back in Anoka, Minnesota when she was an infantile beauty-pageant queen in the making? I can’t make this stuff up — it’s actually true!



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12 responses to “Psycho Talking “Off the Cuff”

  1. counter-coulter

    I’ve got it! It’s now so clear to me! Sarah Palin is the “Chance” of the Republican party!

  2. Precisely…

    “Stuffed with rice pudding between the ears…”

  3. counter-coulter

    To be fair though, at least Chance was well-meaning in his naïveté, Palin…not so much.

  4. True enough. I can’t help but think she’s entirely disingenuous.

  5. Tomm

    It is too bad Jerzy Kosinski died. We could have asked him to write a sequel.

    I always wondered if “Chase the Gardener” got to be the President.

    …the economy is like seasons in the garden…

  6. Tomm

    sorry, missed an “r” in my e-mail address and got a new crab-like symbol.

  7. Feyenoord

    The President brings his teleprompter to address sixth graders.

    The teleprompter tells him to say “corpsmen” , and he mispronounces it twice.

    Silence from the liberal media.

  8. Tomm — It looked like a devilish pumpkin.

  9. Feyenoord — Gawd you’re tiresome. Silence from the liberal media? You mean the way Obama was pilloried for it on The Daily Show and then a bunch of other shows gleefully repeated Jon Stewart’s mockery of that incident?

    Now fuck off and get your facts straight before you start spinning your wearisome right-wing talking points.

  10. I got a kick out of her bashing Obama for hocky talk, all the while she’s hocky talking – you know, drop the “g’s”, etc.

    You betcha

  11. Whoops, I guess it should be “hoky” talk. Sorry.

  12. Is it hoky or hokey? In any case, I can’t stand that faux “folksy” kind of speech. I spent years in Windsor trying to prevent my kids from talking that way.

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