Psycho Talking “Off the Cuff”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz takes a well-deserved shot at Gretchen Carlson’s cockamamie theory about Sarah Palin’s reading crib notes from her hand during a follow-up interview at last weekend’s “Tea Party” convention as being a deliberate form of mockery aimed at President Obama’s penchant for speaking to audiences from a teleprompter.

Not even close… and no cigar for you, former Miss America!

By the way, just as an interesting side-note, did you know that Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann was Carlson’s nanny back in Anoka, Minnesota when she was an infantile beauty-pageant queen in the making? I can’t make this stuff up — it’s actually true!

Alternative Voting

The embattled Labour government of Gordon Brown in the U.K. is proposing a new “alterative voting” scheme whereby, rather than simply marking an “X” on the ballot, citizens would indicate their preference for in ranking order for the various candidates on offer.

Apparently, the British Tories are quite outraged about this proposal as analysis of recent past election results indicate they would generally be somewhat disadvantaged by such a complex redistribution of votes. Go figure.

I wonder if the idea might catch on here as an initial step towards electoral reform and a more proportional form of representation. As well, it could be forcefully argued that it might not be an altogether bad thing to encourage people to invest a little more thought into marking their ballots. And yes, this does relate somewhat to a previous discussion about “literacy tests” but in an entirely more positive way…

Insidious “2 A.M. Worm”

ONN’s Tech Trends looks at the behaviour of a mysterious new computer virus that results in fraudulent late-night purchases and can even affect iPhones and Blackberries, making screens crack as though they were dropped.

Back to the Future

One thing that’s striking about the “Tea Party” movement is it’s almost exclusively white racial composition. This inconvenient truth was very much in evidence at last week’s TPN convention in Nashville, Tennessee. It shouldn’t be terribly surprising therefore that when former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo suggested a return to the odious practice of excluding people of colour from voting by means of a so-called “literacy test” his remarks were greeted with cheers from the virtually all-white crowd.

This latent racism is just one of the more disturbingly regressive aspects of the Tea Party movement, along with a general desire to roll back the clock to some vaguely defined time in the past where it’s imagined that laissez-faire Capitalism completely unhindered by meddlesome government regulation resulted in freedom and prosperity. This of course is nothing short of delusional ignorance.