Teabagger Litmus Test

It seems unthinkable that Ron Paul would be challenged in his upcoming primary race by an assortment of disgruntled advocates of the populist movement that he arguably helped inspire and motivate.

I don’t happen to agree with much of Paul’s radically libertarian agenda, but his voice is one that definitely needs preserving in Congress.


4 Replies to “Teabagger Litmus Test”

  1. I don’t happen to agree with much of Paul’s radically libertarian agenda, but his voice is one that definitely needs preserving in Congress.

    Because that crazy libertarian was the only voice of reason and sensibility of all the Republican contenders during the 2008 primaries? For that alone the teabaggers need him gone from congress, and the GOP if they can push him out.

  2. Ron Paul will win the primary. He was primaried last time (for allegedly being not conservative enough) and won handily.

    I do appreciate his no votes against the Iraq war. He actually considered voting against the war in Afghanistan in 2001, but his staffers advised against it. He flat out refused to endorse McCain in ’08.

    His policies are unrealistic of course. Pure economic libertarianism and isolationism wouldn’t work in today’s world. If he was ever elected President, he would at best, be able to take small baby steps towards his ideals–less regulation, and a more benign form of American imperialism. And the holy grail of Paulism–the gold standard is out of the question–a “basket of commodities” would be more palatable.

    I actually met some Ron Paul supporters here in Calgary a couple of times, it was fun arguing with them at the pub while enjoying beer and chicken wings.

  3. Hitfan — He serves the same purpose in Congress as do Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich on the left. I’d really hate to see any of them go because often times, as TofKW pointed out, they’re the only “voices of reason” in that parliament of whores (to borrow P.J. O’Roarke’s expression).

    But you’re right. I’m sure he’ll win his primary quite handily. It’s hard to unseat an incumbent in any case, and especially so when they have so much name recognition and widespread respect as does Paul.

    It was just weird to me that these teabaggers would target someone like him that in a lot respects parallels many of their concerns about big government, influence of the Fed, etc.

  4. Folks, don’t get me wrong here. I don’t subscribe to Mr Paul’s libertarian economic policies at all, and I’m in disagreement with many other of his ideals. However on foreign policy he was the only Republican who was bang-on 100% correct, or for that matter the vast majority of Democrats as well. His most famous truism “the reason they hate us is because we’re over there” must be repeated over and over again ad nauseam until Americans finally get it.

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