Sarah Palin: Fox News “Analyst”

Having little else to do, I watched some of the former half-term Alaska governor (failed vice-presidential candidate, faux co-author of her own best-selling autobiography, teabagging keynote speaker, etc.) Sarah Palin’s blathering, incoherent word-soup lovingly dished up on the mind-numbingly dreadful FNS program this morning.

Aside from all the rest of her rambling prevarications, shameless pandering to catastrophically dumb rubes, and achingly predictable anti-government rhetoric, what struck me most particularly was the air-quote gesture she used about half way into this clip when referring to President Obama as “serving” in office… Check it out:

As trivial as that may seem — and not to delve too deeply into the realm of body language interpretation or anything— but to me it spoke volumes about the deeply warped mindset Palin epitomizes; one that, for various reasons, stubbornly refuses to recognize the fundamental legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama’s 2010 presidential election.

Update: Palin signals the beginning of the end for the Teabaggers?

I seriously doubt that prediction be realized, at least with regards to it being an ongoing populist movement with political currency of some kind, but Palin’s involvement has certainly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of where their loyalties may be in future: a) with an angry, uncoordinated rabble of pitchfork wielding militants who feel disenfranchised and are threatening to form a third party; or b) with a reactionary “conservative” insurgency within the GOP that will exacerbate the polarity of the left/right ideological divide. There’s not much “middle-ground” to be had with these folks, many of whom are prepared to trash all progressive, so-called “entitlement programs” in favour of their beloved constitutional principles.

p.s. Nice change on the part of CNN to move “GPS” and “Reliable Sources” to their new time slots. They’re both the most watchable shows in CNN’s otherwise abysmal landscape of weekend programming.

Palm Pilot Update: Sarah Palin caught blue-handed reading from her crib notes to answer a question during a scripted interview following her $100,000 Teabagging keynote speech…



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35 responses to “Sarah Palin: Fox News “Analyst”

  1. takedeadaim

    god, i can’t think of any politician that i can’t stand listening to more than this one.


  2. To be honest, she just makes me cringe and wince in horror, if for nothing else than that faux-folksy, down-home “You Betcha!” crapola that many people seem to find endearing or whatever.

    Watching that interview made me wish I could have invaded Chris Wallace’s brain for a few minutes to aggressively call her out on the hackneyed talking points and fabricated web of complete BULLSHIT she was spinning.

  3. Bob

    Hey Martin, seen any ghosts lately?

    Got your ouiji board out and bowl full of meds?


  4. I really hope she runs for the Republican nomination for 2012. And if she should lose, I hope she runs as an independent or a new party.

  5. Tory@York

    I have to say, it really, truly pains me to see some fellow Canadian conservatives praise this woman. To put it bluntly, shes f**king retarded, (or mentally challenged, slow, has special needs, however you would like to phrase it) and I wouldn’t trust her to run a local Loblaws, let alone be President of the United States.

  6. T@Y — I’m sure the furious spinning of Bill Buckley in his grave could alone power all the electrical needs of a small town in Massachusetts.

    I’m not sure that she’s f-ing retarded, however. Quite the opposite, in fact. If nothing else, she’s at least sufficiently cunning enough to pull the wool over the eyes of those she’s fleecing.

  7. I just get irritated at people who keep slamming her for her emails to her husband or her clothes, or her accent, when really we should slam her for having horrifically bad ideas.

    She’s smart enough to scam people, but still, stupid.

  8. Her accent really drives me up the wall, so I can’t help but be highly annoyed by that about Palin, but I’m in agreement with you as far as effort being better spent taking issue with her horrifically bad ideas… 🙂

  9. Notes on her hands – probably how she got through school.

  10. Palin as Fox News analyst? She must be using an Etch-a-Sketch board to help her with her notes.

  11. This is not about whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, but I caught a bit of an interview with Clinton. The degree of intelligence over Palin is something they should run side by side – Clinton vs Palin as president.

    And, Clinton did not use any notes on her hands.

  12. Although I don’t necessarily agree with her policy positions, I’ve been really impressed by Clinton in her role as Sec. of State.

  13. Ted

    What is astonishing about her crib notes is not just that she actually did it at a major major coming out party for her on national television, but the inanity of the notes themselves.

    Who needs to “cheat” to remind yourself of your core principles and priorities?

    And then to get it wrong – note she had to correct her own palm notes!

  14. I’d love to see her quizzed on the Constitution (beyond the first and second amendments, which everyone knows) to see how well versed she actually is in the document she and her fellow teabaggers are always nattering on about.

  15. It seems that Ms. Palin has no idea of the distinction between representative democracy and delegational democracy.

    She should read some Burke or JS Mill. Presuming she can read, that is …

    She is proof cardinal that American is in long-term decline. Any Canadian that believes that she, her persona, or her ideas (such as they are …) have merit is intellectually challenged.

  16. Gawd….if Palin had sweaty hands and her notes got all smeared she’d really be lost in the woods.

  17. ATY — Any Canadian that believes that she, her persona, or her ideas (such as they are …) have merit is intellectually challenged.

    One might even say they’re “fucking retards”… 🙂

  18. benalbanach

    “USA USA USA ….”
    I don’t know where I saw or heard it but I wrote on the cover of my sketchbook “Palin; The latest idol in America’s long cult of stupidity.”
    Thankfully this was voiced by an American.

  19. I really don’t get it. Do Americans actually want politicians to lead them that are dumb as a bag of hammers?

    So often when people (or as Bill O would say “the folks”) talk about Palin (this isn’t exclusive to her, but she’s the latest example) it’s said that a large part of her appeal is that they can closely identify with her… You know, because she’s an average “mom” with kids and various challenges in her life (balancing time between being a governor or now a Fox News “analyst” with doting on the former “First Dude” in addition to looking after the needs of her kids Trig, Trip, Fish, Petrol, etc.

    But really… is that it? Because if so, then why don’t we just round up some hapless, uninformed, not clearly insane “folks” from off the street and make them serve in office the same as is done with jury duty? Problem solved.

  20. Red and AY, we can watch aghast at TEA PARTY NATION, but the strangest thing is the longing in the writing of our punditry for something like that here. I just put up a post on Ibbitson’s latest. He’s put off that we don’t have our own Palin and teabaggers. I can’t get my head around the fact that educated people want to emulate what’s going on down there.

  21. I read Ibbitson’s piece this morning and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Was he disappointed that we’re not all perpetually ragin’ agin’ the status quo, or was he stroking us for being more laid back and reasonably content to just go with the flow…? I couldn’t decide.

  22. The Seer

    I used to have this rule. Once a year, I would go to a place on the south side of town called “The Metro Bowl” to remind myself where I live.

    For every American who reads books, and gets sucked into the intertubes, there are a couple of Americans who haven’t cracked a book or read a newspaper, since, optimistically speaking, college. Some of them do church as well as television and vote, if that’s what the preacher preaches. These are the authentic Americans. They cannot comprehend where The Real America went. They reject preachers well positioned to tell them.

    Lady Sarah speaks their language, thinks the way they do, reasons the way they do. Theirs is a life of faith. Remember, salvation by faith alone? Discourse with these people is never content heavy, for content gets in the way of faith.

    Stop and think for a moment how comforting Lady Sarah is for such people.

  23. jkg

    Palin, as a symbol, has become larger than herself. The reason is because it serves as a populist validation to many conservative followers, especially Women. What I find rather ironic is that this whole dynamic pretty much is the neo-conservative version of lysenkoism given that anything academic is considered ‘elitist,’ and that the salt of the earth types like Palin are fighting against it. It is suprisingly a very collective and also very cult-of-personality way of approaching politics really. Yet the irony is lost on them when they shout “Communist, socialist or fascist!” not even realizing the important differences between them.

  24. Palin confuses representative democracy for delegational democracy. What she advocates in this clip, is in fact, the French version of democracy! What a moroness.

    So, Ibbitson laments the facts that Canadians are NOT Americans? He wants us to act like a bloody mob? Does he not understand the lessons of 1837?

    Canada is not an ersatz United States. We are a different people – or at least used to be.

  25. I could be wrong, but the tone and a couple of the phrases rubbed me the wrong way.

  26. I’ll add that, if Ibbitson is just stating the facts, that it “isn’t good, or bad” as he writes, then I don’t understand why we need to be told this every week. It doesn’t strike me as a remarkable insight, I think every Canadian knows about this fundamental difference in our character.

  27. The Seer — You may well be correct. There’s a large swathe of people apparently content with simple narratives, dichotomous morals, trusted homilies, mythology, astrology, and an abiding faith in received gospel (in whatever form it’s delivered). To some extent they’re almost like the folks in The Invention of Lying who gullibly accept anything they’re told as being absolutely true and by the same token plainly speak their minds (at least when they’re online).

  28. “Do Americans actually want politicians to lead them that are dumb as a bag of hammers?”

    i’ve got theory about this, that the cretins of the world are humanity’s vestigial organ, a persistent relic of our uncivilised past. they are legend.


  29. Shiner — Yeah, I don’t quite know what Ibbitson’s point was — presuming he had one. I suspect it just occurred to him that he could crank out a column based on nothing more than the brilliant observation that Americans are generally pissed off at their government right now and Canadians are, for some reason, considerably less so. From there he was free to wildly generalize and stereotype in fact-free fashion constructing a specious theory to support his initial observation of the totally obvious.

  30. KEv — The more I think about it, the more I’m liking that theory… And it may not be all that far off the mark really. These vestigial elements will unfortunately persist throughout the remainder of our liftetimes, but eventually their fate is sealed as they’re unsustainable units of the Borg.

  31. Shiner — Funny how things just sometimes come together…


  32. btw, is that a steampunk pinnochio in your banner? what’s the tie-in with the dalek?


  33. No meta-narrative there… I just love Steampunk and combining images. In this case it was more just the colours and shades — and the Dalek!!!

    btw — Thanks for noticing.

  34. Accurate to an extent, which is a big part of the reason the Conservatives set out leaving behind the Republicans a entire decade ago, or at the very least ceased voting for their nominees. Im somewhat right-wing, but no way was I going to vote for a Bush or McCain. Even So, the Presidency only has so much force – they CANNOT pass and a more accurate assesment of disbursement comes from looking at who is operating the House and Senate, not the White House. The Obamabots are casting a distinction when it befits them as their President fights to enact his agenda, and the Bushies did the same when the situation was converse later in his Presidency.

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