Sarah Palin: Fox News “Analyst”

Having little else to do, I watched some of the former half-term Alaska governor (failed vice-presidential candidate, faux co-author of her own best-selling autobiography, teabagging keynote speaker, etc.) Sarah Palin’s blathering, incoherent word-soup lovingly dished up on the mind-numbingly dreadful FNS program this morning.

Aside from all the rest of her rambling prevarications, shameless pandering to catastrophically dumb rubes, and achingly predictable anti-government rhetoric, what struck me most particularly was the air-quote gesture she used about half way into this clip when referring to President Obama as “serving” in office… Check it out:

As trivial as that may seem — and not to delve too deeply into the realm of body language interpretation or anything— but to me it spoke volumes about the deeply warped mindset Palin epitomizes; one that, for various reasons, stubbornly refuses to recognize the fundamental legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama’s 2010 presidential election.

Update: Palin signals the beginning of the end for the Teabaggers?

I seriously doubt that prediction be realized, at least with regards to it being an ongoing populist movement with political currency of some kind, but Palin’s involvement has certainly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of where their loyalties may be in future: a) with an angry, uncoordinated rabble of pitchfork wielding militants who feel disenfranchised and are threatening to form a third party; or b) with a reactionary “conservative” insurgency within the GOP that will exacerbate the polarity of the left/right ideological divide. There’s not much “middle-ground” to be had with these folks, many of whom are prepared to trash all progressive, so-called “entitlement programs” in favour of their beloved constitutional principles.

p.s. Nice change on the part of CNN to move “GPS” and “Reliable Sources” to their new time slots. They’re both the most watchable shows in CNN’s otherwise abysmal landscape of weekend programming.

Palm Pilot Update: Sarah Palin caught blue-handed reading from her crib notes to answer a question during a scripted interview following her $100,000 Teabagging keynote speech…