Shit Eaters

Look it up in the Dictionary
… you’ll likely find these mugs in evidence.

Seriously, are there three more despised people in the Western world than this loathsome trio of self-satisfied stooges?



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20 responses to “Shit Eaters

  1. jkg

    Darling was interviewed by Business News Network though it wasn’t much.

    Btw, a little off topic, but where is Ti-Guy?

  2. Nice Nordic sweater, Jimmy – are you giving your wardrobe an airing before the Owe-lympics to get rid of that tell-tale mothball scent?

  3. JKG — Btw, a little off topic, but where is Ti-Guy?

    Not sure. I think I may have pissed him off several threads back for some reason. He’s still actively commenting on other sites, so he hasn’t inexplicably fallen through the crust of the Earth or anything…

  4. DBOs —Interesting contrast, isn’t it? Jimmy’s sweater might be signaling secret codes to the NWO/Illumaniti… Get on that bloggers!

  5. jkg

    Not sure. I think I may have pissed him off several threads back for some reason

    Oh right, when I went back through the threads, I noticed I was in that conversation as well. I hope I didn’t say anything that rubbed him the wrong way. I do hope he comes back though.

  6. Brent Fullard

    Shit eaters?

    “Mr. Ignatieff: Tear down this shit-eater”:

  7. Apparently, the summit is a flop. The only 2 finance guys to eat seal meat for Flaherty and Carney. The others refused.

    Who thought up this stupid idea anyway?

  8. Whoops, meant to say “were” Flaherty and Carney

  9. I’d eat raw seal meat for every meal for the rest of my life if I could be spared the sanctimony of the EU leaders in regards to the seal hunt. Wankers.

  10. Shit eaters seems a rather harsh term for those three men and the odd rictuses on their faces.

    can u fill me in on what i’m missing RT?

  11. BB — Oh, just their smarmy facial expressions, that’s all. “Shit eating” was the first thing that leaped to mind for some reason.

  12. JKG — Yeah, I don’t know what happened there exactly. An inappropriate confessional on my part about some unfortunate details from my adolescent past may have put him off. I suspect also that my cynically indifferent attitude towards the whole prorogation flap hasn’t been terribly endearing to some. I’m “a defeatist” apparently, according to TG — although seeing as there won’t be an election for another 8 months at least, it’s hard for me to get too overly worked up about something that will be little more than a footnote by then…

  13. Sandi/Shiner — It was a pretty harebrained idea to convene a summit of the now virtually defunct G7 in Iqualuit of all god-forsaken places. Although, maybe quite appropriate to situate it in the Arctic… in the dead of winter yet. You know, metaphorically speaking.

    As for the whole seal-hunting thing, it’s rank hypocrisy of the worst sort on the part of the EU countries to get so morally exercised over this issue. I mean, where to even start on how completely pathetic and intellectually untenable the arguments against it are? Not to mention that the sanctimonious objections are coming from the same group of countries that’s entirely without scruple when it comes to raping and pillaging the oceans of their native fish stocks.

  14. Oh yes, having the conference there was an absurd idea. But for the EU representatives to skip out on a community feast was in poor taste.

  15. Bad form indeed. What’s wrong with a little seal sushi, after all?

  16. Brent — As much as I admire your dogged perseverance, I suspect that your cause is one that’s bound to end up in disappointment. Sorry to say, but the vast majority of Canadians have moved on from the income-trust debacle and the attempts to gain reparations are at best quixotic. While the Liberals may use it as an arrow in the political quiver to characterize the Harper government as a bunch of deceitful hypocrites, they’ve demonstrated little willingness to honestly rectify the situation or make investors whole again.

  17. re: brent: the expression “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject” certainly applies.

    as to those smiles, RT, you’re right. They are most definitely shit eating grins(where the hell does that expression come from anyway!).

    i just maybe i’d missed something.

  18. Brent Fullard

    Dear defeatists-at-large:

    We HAVE moved on……to a solution that needs to be incorporated in Budget 2010. A solution that Diane Francis calls “brilliant”, but what the hell would she know, as she’s only Canada’s top business journalist.

    The name of that solution….The Marshall Plan:

  19. jkg

    As I Sir Francis has been pointing out, European nations are now starting to get a little backbone, which also means they simply will engage in dickish behaviour, diplomatically speaking, of course. Remember how the European Central Bank was basically giving the middle finger to the U.S. at the outset of the recession by holding their interest rate, citing ‘inflation’ fears, yet what followed was a resilient and strong Euro dollar against the greenback, a result that delighted many. Of course, as the financial turmoil in the EU has shown with the likes of Greece, EU got too arrogant too quickly.

    All in all, it appears that as a geopolitical supercluster, the EU is likely hedging their bets, wrangling economic advantage from the U.S. while positioning themselves to benefit from trade with the BRIC countries. However, for the reasons discussed above, and the fact that the EU is mired in conflicting interests of nation states who have had a long history of rivalry, they will, in a nostalgic attempt reliving the glory days, just trip over themselves.

    As with Canada, we have always ridden the coattails of the Americans, so this attempt at gathering the G7 seems to be the government’s attempt at staying relevant. Remember on of the reasons why Canada was allowed into the G7 was because the Americans needed more allies. This stands in stark contrast though to the fact that it was Paul Martin who insisted on starting to incorporate BRIC countries into the G partnership, so I do not know if this is really a divergence or a ‘snap back’ to wanting to maintain the status quo. Either, a G7 meeting in Iqaluit seemed silly to me (though in terms of security, it was probably fairly easy).

  20. Brent Fullard

    Could someone please tell Professor Stanbury of UBC to stop with his incessant ramblings about income trusts. Apparently, according to commentators on this site there is a statute of limitations on acts of defrauding Canadian taxpayers and Canadian investors that allows these things to be ignored and forgotten by the simple passage of time?

    Stop the income trust bleeding: adopt the Marshall savings plan

    Whether the PM and the finance minister put the MSP into the coming March 4, 2010 budget depends on their political savvy.

    Adopting the MSP could lance the large boil of justified anger caused by the 31.5 per cent tax on income trusts.

    Published February 8, 2010
    The Hill Times


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