Jon Stewart in the “No Spin Zone”

The Daily Show host appeared last night with Bill O’Reilly in the first part of a “Factor Exclusive.”

Given all of O’Reilly’s patronizing jabs about the audience of TDS being “stoned liberal slackers” and his now oft-repeated claim that Fox is the “most trusted” news source, it’s too bad Stewart didn’t mention the Pew Research study from a while back indicating that TDS viewers were much better informed about politics and current affairs than those of Fox News.

Update: The concluding part of the interview (unfortunately prefaced by O’Reilly’s condescending “Talking Points Memo” segment wherein he tells “the folks” what to think).

7 Replies to “Jon Stewart in the “No Spin Zone””

  1. I thought Stewart was brilliant. Calm, cool, collected, doesn’t allow O’Reilly to phase him in the least. Even with O’Reillly’s heavy editing I was impressed with the points Stewart was able to make and look forward to seeing the second part.

    I’ve got to say that I’m disappointed with those on the liberal blogs who didn’t think Stewart was forceful enough, or what have you. They don’t seem to understand that going on to someone’s show, yelling, screaming and calling them names gets you nowhere and allows them to set the narrative of an “unhinged” guest.

  2. O’Reilly is the thinnest kid at fatcamp.

    5 years ago i would have said that O’Reilly was the fattest kid at fatcamp, we’ll fattest guy anyway (Ann Coulter is the fattest kid a fatcamp).

    O’Reilly has certainly lost weight.

  3. At least, Dennis was good enough not to bash Stewart. The body language interpreter was just plain stupid and sounded like more stroking of O’Reilly’s narcissism.

  4. CC — I thought Stewart’s performance was just fine. No, more than that… In fact, it was just about as good as it gets talking to such an egotistical, self-serving blowhard. Evidence of that is that BillO felt obligated to come on before the conclusion of the interview ended and attempt to put some daylight between Stewart and the horde of liberal “loons” that he and his guests like Bernie Goldberg routinely demonize and mischaracterize as being angry, unhinged nutters.

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