Jack Layton’s “Indignation”

Eau Debasement (with just a hint of moustache).

Seems the Tories have come up with a cunning plan to defuse whatever public anger and criticism that may exist over the extended winter recess — they’re canceling March break on Parliament Hill and another week of scheduled for mid-April.

It’s direct challenge to the opposition as any changes to the calendar require consent of all parties.

“We take it for granted that they will agree,” a senior government official told The Globe. “Anything less would be uncivilized.”

Heh. Very clever indeed.



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4 responses to “Jack Layton’s “Indignation”

  1. benalbanach

    Isn’t he clever this Harper . Too clever for his own good. And ours.

  2. The National’s “At Issue” panel certainly wasn’t impressed with the move.

  3. He knew that the opposition couldn’t refuse, so this was just punishment. He didn’t get his way so he’s taking away their holidays. A small, small, little man.

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