Newswipe: S2E1

It seems I may be slacking a bit of late by not reloading these clips fast enough…

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I wish we had a media critic here in Canada to demolish our own homegrown TV news offerings with a similarly wicked sense of cynical disgust and malicious contempt.

The Dark Heart of “Teabagging”

Al Jeezera English explores the troubling correlation between marginalized ideological extremists like “disenfranchised” neo-Nazi white supremacists and the angry populism of the “Tea Party” insurgency.

It’s hard not to think that a powerful undercurrent of racism and bigotry doesn’t help drive the furious outrage that characterizes the desire of these highly motivated activists to “take their country back”…

7 Obnoxious Words & Phrases

I’m not a purist by any means in this regard; most certainly when it comes to nitpicking over what constitutes “proper” spelling or correct grammar (despite having a reputation as a “Nazi” when it comes to such things), but the extent to which the language is now commonly being abused is distressing to say the least.

George Orwell brilliantly catalogued the various “swindles and perversions” of the English language with his usual astute precision 65 years ago in an utterly scathing essay on the subject that I believe should be required reading in every high school. Presuming that is, such skills are still extant in a world now largely characterized by cryptic text messages and circumscribed blurbs registering140 characters or less.