How to Report the News

Charlie Brooker surgically dissects the routine conventions of mainstream media news reportage.

Brooker’s savage show about the news media returns to BBC this month, about which he had this to say: “The return of Newswipe is both exciting and daunting, because it nearly killed me last time. Maybe this time it’ll finish the job. It’s hard to say precisely what we’ll be featuring, because I can’t predict the future, but hopefully we won’t be picking apart coverage of either an intercontinental nuclear war or a global ebola outbreak. Whatever happens, we’ll be staring at it with amusement and horror.”



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5 responses to “How to Report the News

  1. Ian

    Dowdy Kitchen Man 🙂

  2. Yeah, I loved that too. “He unfortunately was boring…”

    I also liked the way Brooker dispensed with supposedly informative segues that follow the presenter’s probing question after “gliding through the fucking Matrix”…


    • Appear

    • One by one

    • On the screen

    Simply brilliant.

  3. “Dowdy Kitchen Man :D”

    saw this video first at cc’s. a brilliant piece, jam-packed with stellar gags, but it was “dowdy kitchen man” that flattened me out!


  4. thank’s u post, i like this .articles

  5. I liked reading this, like your blog layout too. Is it wordpress?

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