Weird or Different?

Derek Sivers, the founder and former president of the independent music outlet CD Baby, illustrates the expression “There’s a flip side to everything.”

It’s a valid point, but unfortunately one that’s inclined to engender false equivalences, or in the extreme, a perversion of the third law of motion.



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2 responses to “Weird or Different?

  1. jkg

    It sounds very post-modern by abandoning some objectivity that could evaluate the effectiveness of every action. It reminds me of that ‘lifehacker’ demagogue Timothy Ferriss. , presenting a shangri-la like alternative lifestyle that could ‘free you’ from the shackles of the rat race. People who believe that man usually also think, implicitly, that all other possibilities are equally probable and valid. It helps avoid the discomfort that maybe, just maybe, one can be wrong, and the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

    It is nice to see the former CEO of CD Baby. It is a great site I use to find out some interesting independent music. The search feature is what makes it valuable as you pair popular names with similar artists who are lesser known.

  2. I liked seeing this, do you have a Facebook page for this site?

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