The Crux of the Matter

No, I’m not referring to that incredibly silly person, but rather, the failed Vice-Presidential candidate, pseudo author of her own biography and ex-half-term governor of Alaska who now finds herself embroiled in a dispute concerning her allegiance to the Tea Party movement.

Palin’s shabby financial dealings aside, what’s interesting here in terms of the Tea Party insurgency is how they will deal with so-called RINOS that may get elected in otherwise Democratic held constituencies with their endorsement…

For all the wild exuberance amongst the right-wing chattering class about Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts the other week, the fact of the matter is that he’s a fairly moderate Republican, if not a liberal one. So how will the GOP cope with people like Brown that run counter to the extreme party-line on inflammatory cultural issues such as abortion and civil unions for gays? Will the Republicans perhaps be faced with a similar dilemma as that which has bedeviled the Democrats over the past year in trying to appease the so-called “Blue Dogs” in their caucus that managed to take office in ostensibly “red” states in the last election cycle?


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