Giuliani v. Obama

Why does anyone on planet Earth listen to the mendacious, self-serving bullshit trotted out by this superannuated douchebag? Moreover, who the hell cares about what Rudy Giuliani thinks about anything?

The Vagabond Scholar exposed Rudy’s predictable technique a while back:

Rudy Giuliani often uses weasel words (and dips into McCarthyist attacks), but he’s particularly fond of a specific weasel move, which follows this general pattern: “My opponent did not once say [a specific phrase of my own devising].” Giuliani follows this up by claiming his opponents have ducked some serious matter that they’ve actually discussed in some depth. Giuliani’s varied it a bit over the years, but I find this tactic particularly glaring and annoying. I also question how effective it is to anyone who’s not already in Giuliani’s camp (apparently, authoritarian crusaders).

Doesn’t the “mainstream media” have an operative bullshit meter… and shouldn’t it be frantically red-lining every time this horridly dishonest man opens his mouth?



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4 responses to “Giuliani v. Obama

  1. burpster

    911! 911! 911! Have I mentioned 911, yet?

  2. LOL. A noun, a verb and 9/11!!!

    Although now his mantra is “Islamic Terrorism”…

  3. Ethan

    Statistical analysis reveals that in 91.1% of Giu11ani’s speeches, there are between 9 and 11 references to 9/11.

  4. benalbanach

    The urge to be relevant certainly does not bring out the best in him.
    They should create a Hall of Infamy for the likes of Giuliani.Becks ,Cheney,Bush,O’Reilly,Limbaugh et al. Ghad there’s a lot of them.

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