Vancouver City

An artistic collaboration between Innerlife Project and TimeLapseHD featuring vocals by Linda Ganzini. Doesn’t look remotely like the areas of Vancouver I’ve lived in, but it’s certainly nice to imagine the city this way.

More information and music downloads at Innerlife Project.



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4 responses to “Vancouver City

  1. Very cool. Though I wouldn’t want to be the tourist that sees that, goes to Vancouver and gets stuck in traffic for four hours in a miserable drizzle.

  2. benalbanach

    In the dark all cats are grey. Could be any city.Thank goodness we have them mountains.

  3. It certainly looks exactly like the city I live near!! And I think it was really nicely done, too! Thanks for that, RT!!

  4. Penny — Well, you’re in the West End, right? I used to live at the bottom of Cambie and SW Marine Dr. near the off-ramp to the airport and then out in the dreary big box district of Coquitlam.

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