A Rogue Opinion

I don’t think anyone could accuse Sean Holman (a local political commentator and investigative journalist behind “Public Eye Online”) of being a “Con spinner” by any means, so his opinion on this weekend’s anti-prorogation rallies was, for obvious reasons, quite interesting.

“Many of those criticizing the proroguing of parliament are less interested in democracy and more interested in capturing the kind of undemocratic power that comes with a majority government.”

Exploding Toasters

Extended interview from the DVD edition of Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story with Harvard law professor and chair of the TARP Oversight Panel, Elizabeth Warren.

Not a perfect analogy, but I particularly liked this one Warren makes about the lack of financial regulation:

Financial products — and they are products, just like toasters — are sold today with the most dangerous features embedded in them, because that’s what drives profitability. What’s astonishing is that we let this happen. You know, you can’t buy a toaster in America that has a one in five chance of exploding. But you can buy a mortgage that has a one in five chance of exploding… and they don’t even have to tell you about it. We don’t hand people a wiring diagram with a toaster and say, “You figure it out.”

Warren’s work on the Oversight Panel can be viewed on its website here. It makes for some very very interesting reading and viewing.

Digg Reel

Lots of great stuff in this week’s show, from a sick twist on the Mac v. PC advertising war featuring a couple of cute, but foul-mouthed kids (Warning: NSFW), what happens when you insert an Alka-Selzer tablet into a water droplet in space, to the insufferable Late Night media debacle featuring incredibly rich comedians pretending to bite the corporate hands that engorge them.

Or you can skip all that and just fast-forward 2 minutes in and enjoy Stephen Colbert mercilessly dismantling the new pitch from Domino’s Pizza…