Olbermann’s Demi Mea Culpa

The MSNBC host’s response to the mocking rebuke delivered by Jon Stewart the night before (which in case you missed it, is included in full).



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7 responses to “Olbermann’s Demi Mea Culpa

  1. I LOL’ed at “big bag of mashed up jack-ass.” I think that’s fair too.

    I was at a CAPP rally today, and I saw a couple of signs I thought went a little too far, though I didn’t speak out.

    Those opposed to Mr. Harper’s style of politics should remember the goal is a mix of different yet principled viewpoints. I don’t want a one-party system (or even a two-party system, FWIW).

    If some viewpoints lack principle, it makes no difference to any remaining viewpoints and doesn’t act as any sort of excuse.

  2. I was surprised that Olbermann took such a well-deserved ass-kicking with such dignity.

    It makes me respect him a little more than previously — but only a little.

    My favourite moment:

    “Go fu*k yourself, Jew boy!”

    “We can do this!”

  3. benalbanach

    They are both great !

  4. benalbanach


  5. counter-coulter

    I thought Stewart’s taking of Olbermann to the woodshed well deserved. While I like his show, I too thought Olbermann had been getting pretty hyperbolic over the last year. Nice to see Olbermann be a true professional and admit his behaviour and apologize for it. A pretty rare thing these days.

  6. i guess jon won’t be using the word “douchebag” in his broadcasts anymore, huh? whatthefuck?!


  7. Good post.

    Nice response from Obermann.

    Nice piece by Jon Stewart.

    Bloggers might learn a thing or two from that.. as American as it is (sorry Aneus).

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