17 Replies to “Going Real World”

  1. Honestly….prorogation couldn’t be any less interesting. I actually heard someone say that the feds weren’t doing anything for Haiti because of parliament being prorogued. I suppose this speaks to the level of knowledge the people at these rallies possess. Can’t people just be apathetic like me and wait for better leaders for the Cons and Libs to arrive? All of this just feeds Iggy some false hope that he’ll be PM some day.

  2. Apathy is how Harper got elected again. Sorry but when we taxpayers are on the hook for approx $50 million, I want these parliamentarians to go back to work.

  3. Harper just doesn’t seem to grasp his own big picture. He’ll survive this battle but if he looks behind him he’ll find fewer people following.
    He’s one strange bird.

  4. Everyone I’ve read from all across the country says the same thing: the rallies were cheerful, joyous, even. I haven’t enjoyed a demo that much in decades. Even the speeches were good, mainly because they were made soapbox style by locals speaking from the heart, old, young — I was really inspired.

    My burgh: we’re small (150) but we’re mighty, and besides we’re cute.

  5. I cannot help but wonder that the reason why Jack Layton was speaking in Ottawa was because the Toronto rally said no to politicians speaking; at least, that was my understanding.

  6. This was an amazing experience. Knowing other Canadians across Canada were uniting in this effort to stand up for democracy could not make me prouder.

  7. Husband & I went to the Halifax rally. Nice to see people from all walks of life united. Notice that all the hypocritical conbots are out in full force on the MSM sites trying to diminish this protest and the number of attendees. Typical of them.

    It was the first ‘political’ protest that I have attended and was previously not a member of Facebook.

    Thanks Scott for posting that Facebook site. I’ll check it out.

    P.S. Most estimates I’ve seen for the # of attendees at the Halifax rally is 500.

  8. This whole progation thing is an interesting study.

    Really, in concrete terms, it matters not a tinker’s damn to Canadians, in terms of real impact on our lives.. certainly much less than issues like unemployment, deficits, health care, and the environment.. yet, suddenly, at least from those opposing Harper (and some who do), it seems to have gathered at least some temporary traction.

    Perhaps, contrary to TG’s cynical suggestions, “ideas” have more power than we realize.

    Maybe “ideas” like honesty and accountability are not just empty rhetoric after all.

  9. ..though I think that for anything to really come of it, people like Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton are still going to have to come out of their moral hibernation and actually “stand for something”.. otherwise, they run the risk of being no better than what they criticize.

    Political opportunists who see issues as nothing more than opportunities to gain power and leverage.

    We’ll see.

  10. You’re wrong Rob. Parliament exists to debate and pass laws. If Parliament doesn’t pass laws, those laws don’t exist. Go ask all the Nortel employees, whose pensions and benefits are in limbo, whether they care that their situation remains unresolved for an extra month.

  11. Notice that all the hypocritical conbots are out in full force on the MSM sites trying to diminish this protest and the number of attendees. Typical of them.

    Shoot these numbers back at them:

    Anti-Coalition Facebook membership from last year: 127,000

    Attendees at all combined Anti-Coalition protests last year: 9,600 (source – Aaron Wherry @ Macleans)

    Anti-Prorogation Facebook membership: 214,000 (and continues to grow)

    Attendees at all combined Anti-Prorogation protests: 25,000 (as reported by today’s media)

    Oh but theirs was a spontaneous grassroots campaign (created by Stephen Taylor) with little preparation time (3 weeks) and crappier colder weather (ya that sucks you wimps). Yup, keep apologizing and moving those goalposts.

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