It’s hard to believe this isn’t a joke, but apparently the organizers of All-American Basketball Alliance hope to start its inaugural season this summer with a 12-team lineup composed only of white, American-born men. According to a news release from would-be commissioner Don “Moose” Lewis, only players who are natural-born U.S. citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league.



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8 responses to “KKKBA

  1. Speaking as a well over 6′ tall “pure” white male…

    Wow, what a way to guarantee the teams will suck.

  2. Willy

    I’m having a hard time picturing pudgy there playing basketball.

  3. Dan

    Did no one tell this guy that basketball was invented by a Canadian?

  4. rww

    You mean you can’t play if your mother had a caesarian. I know, the yanks have some other weird definition for “natural born”.

    I guess its a league for people that can’t jump.

    But remember it’s fundamentalist BBall so the shot doesn’t count if you don’t pray before you shoot and your bible isn’t in your jersey pocket.

    When it gets this dumb you can only laugh.

  5. TofKW

    Do they have a traditional cross burning ceremony before the opening tip-off?

  6. tickets will hold all the value as that of confederate currency.


  7. Why would anyone want an all-white basketball league?

    Everyone knows white men can’t jump!

  8. hemmingforddogblog

    This sounds like it’s from The Onion.

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