Late Night with Oi Polloi

British punk band Oi Polloi at the Katacombs in Montreal last week with a couple of songs dedicated to Stephen Harper. Talk about playing to the crowd…

NSFW Warning: Video contains harsh language that some weenies may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.

Haiti: Satan’s Playground

In case you thought Pat Robertson’s remarks about Haiti were an aberration, here’s Dr. Wesley Stafford, president of Compassion International (“one of the world’s largest and fastest growing Christian child development organizations”) and host of the Christian radio program Speak Up With Compassion ®, talking recently to Mullah Dobson’s Focus on the Family advocacy group about the horrific devastation in Haiti…

To recap Dr. Stafford’s remarks for the record:

This is a nation that you can literally feel the evil in it. Haiti has been a disaster in almost every way long before this ever struck. And it is a nation, between you and me, I guess, that Satan has had absolutely free reign in that nation. And while the missionary effort and the church effort has been enormous, this is a nation that you can literally feel the evil in it.

Well, maybe he’s correct:

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ ship Independence of the Seas went ahead with its scheduled stop at a fenced-in private Haitian beach surrounded by armed guards, leaving its passengers to “cut loose” on the beach, just a few kilometers from one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the region’s history.

Sort of a perfect metaphor for the global economy.