A Man With a Plan Truck

Yes, it’s really come down to this

If former Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown actually wins the “special election” in Massachusetts today based on his, um, attractive “stimulus package”… might I suggest that Michael Ignatieff immediately release saucy photos from Harvard Magazine circa 1982, then purchase a previously-owned GMC Canyon and start driving the living daylights out of it from Comox to Corner Brook.

Update: As predicted by most polls, Brown carried the special election last night. And here’s a foretaste of the class act 52 percent of voters in Massachusetts are sending to the Senate.



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25 responses to “A Man With a Plan Truck

  1. billg

    Ha! The right wing empty suit with the charasmatic grin wins in a solid Dem territory throwing a wrench into the plans of the empty suited charasmatic grinned Prez. Rather then dance around the issue, political party’s should just install a wooden cut out in front of their entrance doors…”you must be this tall and this good looking to get in”

  2. hitfan

    I’ve been reading the “progressive” blogs, and they’re freaking out, LOL.

  3. lenny

    Actually, the US public reached this nadir a while ago.
    Soon speeches will be replaced by frantic consumption of fast-food.


  4. Ti-Guy

    I’ve been reading the “progressive” blogs, and they’re freaking out, LOL.

    This is what I hear when I read this “I been weading de progwessive bwogs and they are fweaking out. Haw haw haw! *drool*”

    Seriously, the Right is astonishingly juvenile. “I’m Scott Brown and this is my twuck! Vroom vroom!”

    You too Billg. Grow up. Don’t make me give you the back of my hand…

  5. benalbanach

    Is that one of those automatic hybrid vehicles ?

  6. billg

    I’m pretty sure the right and the left share some serious juvenile DNA. The “back of your hand”..??..nice! Its been a while since I’ve heard that one!

  7. Ti-Guy

    I’m pretty sure the right and the left share some serious juvenile DNA.

    I know you are, but what am I? LOL! :p

    This is precisely what I’m talking about. The so-called “Left” is at its most juvenile when it’s being over-earnest, over-idealistic and naive. I’ll take that over the childish mean girl/frat boy antics of the Right or, in this case, these treacly “Little House on the Prairie”-style family values appeals that I find really nauseating.

  8. Drake

    Well Scott Brown won the election in a seat held by Democrats for 6 decades.

    Although not on actually on the ballot, Barack Obama got one big kick in the ass tonight.

    Health care reform will be scrapped and replaced to extend medicare benefits to the elderly. Much more modest and affordable and a good thing.

    Cap and Trade legislation? A snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming law. A very, very good thing.

    A great night! God bless America!

  9. Ti-Guy

    Ah shut up. You’re wasting oxygen.

  10. Drake

    Barack Obama’s clock is running out – 2 years and 9 months before the next U.S. presidential election and he will get his ass wupped for good.

  11. The so-called ‘Left’ is at its most juvenile when it’s being over-earnest, over-idealistic and naive. I’ll take that over the childish mean girl/frat boy antics of the Right or, in this case, these treacly ‘Little House on the Prairie’-style family values appeals that I find really nauseating.

    That’s kind of ironic coming from you, Ti.

    Weren’t you just recently wishing another commenter had been killed at war, Ti?

    Seems like the kind of thing you’d say.

    I’ll tell you this much, Ti: fraternity men have better values than you do, hands down.

  12. CWTF

    Men and values from Patrick Ross?

    I (and, I’m sure, some of my blogging colleagues, once I explain the situation to them) will be more than happy to start leaving droppings all over the Intertoobz, referring to you and your creepy obsession with graphic descriptions of infant sodomy and anal violation.

  13. Ti-Guy

    Men and values from Patrick Ross?

    From what I’ve learned today, I really don’t want to engage this person. Any. More.

  14. leave it at cc’s, folks. let’s not tax rt’s hospitality.


  15. Ooooh. Scum acting like scum.

    Just sends tingles down your spine.

  16. Take it outside, boys. 😉

  17. hitfan



    One year ago, the left was claiming that the Republican party was dead and gone forever.

    Their death was highly exaggerated.

  18. I can’t see the second vid RT, so I’m not sure if it’s his acceptance speech, but this is how he ended it:

    I’m Scott Brown,

    I’m from Wrentham,

    I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours.


  19. As I blogged today.. conservatives should not take this as an endorsement of right-sided ideology.. imho it’s a reaction to what is, more and more, appearing to be a promise unkept.

    Voters are desperate for someone to “stand for something”.

    They were given “hope”, only to see it pissed on by typical party politics, from Obamas massive support for big business, including the health care insurance lobby (seeking to pass a law “requiring” you to by private insuracne).. and then during this election, the usual negative attack ads by Martha Coakley, including comments about why she would waste her time standing in the cold outside Fenway shaking hands..

    There is a disconnected between “them” (Washington) and “us” (voters) in the U.S., and only slightly less so in Canada.. so voters reach out to someone who seems “real”. Even when it’s just thin veneer.

    Message to Politicians: maybe, just maybe, think about being “real”, being genuine..

    Not holding my breath.

  20. benalbanach

    Steve’s looking for a truck !

  21. Steve’s looking for a truck !

    God help us. Thought I suppose it could be worse. He could pose in Cosmo.

  22. Hitfan — It’s perhaps significant that while he’s nominally a Republican, by all accounts Brown played down that fact and essentially ran as an “independent” in that race.

  23. hitfan

    Scott Brown is a liberal Republican, because that’s the way you have to win in the northeast US. That he won it in “Taxachussetts” (and I mean that as a term of endermeant) is a nice symbolic victory. He probably won’t push the envelope on extreme social issues (he declared himself to be “pro choice” when pressed on the abortion issue, albeit with a few caveats) but he’ll provide cooperation to the GOP caucus in terms of procedural motions and window dressing stuff.

    Of course, he’d be considered a scary right-wing reactionary by the NDP and the Liberals here in Canada. Funny that the left in Canada excoriated Stephen Harper for his stance on gay marriage (he basically supported it from an equality standpoint in terms of benefits and rights to adoption–all except for the word “marriage) and yet they worshipped Obama in spite of his pointing out that he was opposed to gay marriage but supported the concept of civil unions that amount to a few benefits but would be legally unequal.

    It’s the Overton window at play here — what works in getting a Liberal elected in downtown Toronto would fall flat on it’s face in rural Alberta. The Conservatives in Canada are to the left of the USA Republicans and somewhat to the right of the Democrats.

    Scott Brown winning the statewide election in Massachussetts is the political equivalent of a conservative winning Ottawa-Vanier.

  24. The Democrats would be considered scary right-wing reactionaries by the Liberals and NDP if each party didn’t want to be them so badly.

  25. Ti-Guy

    Could you squeeze any more platitudes into that comment, Hitfan? The 304 weren’t enough.

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