What’s Next…

If ever there was a modern poster boy for the proverbial “Ugly American” it’s so-called “comedian” Bob Thompson; a fat, sweaty, perpetually angry white man who loudly hyperventilates on YouTube every few days from his concrete bunker with obnoxious, in-your-face rants about topical events — all of which seem to piss him off to the point where his head is just about to explode.

The sad part about Bob’s performance art (if one can generously describe it as such) is that a good number of online sociopaths actually seem to take him quite seriously. Invariably, there will be comments on his posts to the effect that he’s plainly speaking “the truth” or that his hysterical ravings somehow accurately reflect the inner sentiments of his viewers. Take for example this comment from “MrSTANDFORAMERICA” about relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti:

Don’t no one send a penny to Haiti. Hell don’t even land a plane on the ground. But just air drop everything. Water for 1 year, food for 6 months, and a shit load of FEMA coffins. Throw in some rakes, shovels and hoes for clean up. And in 1 year, if they haven’t cleaned everything up. Go in and finish what the earthquake started. And rid the earth of these useless and worthless people.

It’s hard not to be completely aghast at the cruel insensitivity of such a remark And yet, this sort of callous, morally depraved rubbish freely abounds on the Internet. Most likely it was always the case, but now the brilliant innovations of “social media” affords us a more open view into the dark hearts and tormented souls of our fellow humans as never before.