Reading Between the Tea Leaves

Alan Colmes questions embattled Tea Party Convention organizer and tax scofflaw Judson Phillips about recent controversies surrounding his event.

Many teabaggers are thoroughly pissed at Phillips for turning the grassroots group into a self-enriching for-profit venture without their consent and for charging more than $500 per person to attend the event.

Listening to Phillips evade the most straightforward questions about his financing is an illuminating exercise in weaseltude. Doubtless, Palin’s hefty speaking fee (which has already been covered by sympathetic Republican donors) in this instance will simply be directed to her PAC, thereby allowing her to claim with some stretch of plausibility that she personally won’t be making any money from the event.

Meanwhile, the celebrity money-making ventures of Sarah Palin (now dubbed by some wags as “Lady Blah-Blah”) and her born-again virgin daughter, Bristol, continue apace — “The family that exploits together is maladroit together.”



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5 responses to “Reading Between the Tea Leaves

  1. Ti-Guy

    Fat, juicy Teabaggers just ripe for the plucking. No wonder so many Canadian right wingers move to the States.

  2. What’s holding the rest of them back?

  3. Ti-Guy

    Can’t afford the health care.

  4. Ah yes, the whole “Wendy Sullivan Experience”… 🙂

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