God TV

Where Kooky Right-Wing Paranoia Meets Batshit Crazy End-Times Prophecy

Hey, it wouldn’t be Sunday without taking a little poke at some of our nuttier religious friends. This clip is from GOD TV’s Apocalypse and the End Times series featuring prophesy crackpot Paul McGuire and hosts Rory and Wendy Alec (in fact, their surname is Stephen).

GOD TV is based in Jerusalem and has US offices in Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Florida. The network also has international offices in South Africa, Kenya, India and China, according to its website. It broadcasts 24/7 around the world, claiming a potential viewership of up to half a billion people.


10 Replies to “God TV”

  1. The American military is building concentration camps and advertising for guards. They are going to imprison people that are against abortion and don’t agree with the United Nations.

    And the Fabian Society is behind it.

    This Paul McGuire is crackers.

    We’ve got a guy like this in our town, but he doesn’t get to go on the television and share his kooky theories. Where is Paul getting his backing from?

  2. I went to his website.

    I’m not sure God has much to do with him. I think he gets everybody in a lather with all his paranoid ravings and then limps along from the leavings of his devoted followers.

    I can see the internet since it pretty gives everyone a soap box. But TV? Are there no broadcast standards?

    There should be at least one question such as “are you a wackjob?”

    Perhaps like a Cosmo Sex Survey they could determine that people who scored 21-25 are too crazy to be on TV. 16-20 can be on Fox… etc.etc.

  3. I think any “broadcast standards” pretty much go out the window in the wee hours of the morning when the cheap market of paid programming predominates and “Girls Gone Wild” videos compete equally for the attention of lonely insomniacs with phony talk shows pimping everything from bogus health products, compact blenders, penis enhancement drugs and dubious exercise gadgets to holy “miracle water” and other such immediately gratifying paths to eternal salvation.

  4. I watched a piece on History channel yesterday about Hitler and religion.

    Rick Warren and all the other kooks claim Hitler was an athiest – he wasn’t. He was into the occult and combined this with Christianity. Hitler was brought up Catholic, but believed he was chosen to set up the new Christianity. When he was in Catholic schools the walls had swastika’s everywhere. Hitler firmly believed that Christ was an anti-semite and that he was telling people that people should turn away from the Jews and their materialism.

    Twisted, ya, but not any worse than the insanity of some of the current religious leaders

  5. I noticed Peter Popoff was still on TV and still didn’t have any grey hair.

    Has he been drinking his own miracle spring water?

  6. Hitler was far from being an atheist. Certainly he had contempt for established forms of organized religion but he was, as you said, transfixed by all manner of occult and pagan beliefs that he fused with Christian sentiments to form a unique brand of Nazi theology.

  7. Pat Robertson and his ilk are tools being used to give Christianity a bad name and to lead as many searching souls as possible, astray. LK

  8. LKT — Indeed. He and his ilk are nothing short of embarrassment and a shameful disgrace to the Christian faith. It’s unfortunate that this demented nutjob still has so many devoted followers. Good thing I suppose that he’s just busy fleecing them of their material wealth and not inciting his flock to acts of violence as is the case with some of his radical Muslim counterparts.

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