God TV

Where Kooky Right-Wing Paranoia Meets Batshit Crazy End-Times Prophecy

Hey, it wouldn’t be Sunday without taking a little poke at some of our nuttier religious friends. This clip is from GOD TV’s Apocalypse and the End Times series featuring prophesy crackpot Paul McGuire and hosts Rory and Wendy Alec (in fact, their surname is Stephen).

GOD TV is based in Jerusalem and has US offices in Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Florida. The network also has international offices in South Africa, Kenya, India and China, according to its website. It broadcasts 24/7 around the world, claiming a potential viewership of up to half a billion people.


An eerie Canadian short from 2007 directed by Trevor Cawood about a man eventually driven mad as he and his colleagues are inexplicably tailed by strange, ambiguous beings.

More about Cawood and the film at the Spy Films blog. By the way, one of his more notable efforts was the ultra-cool Citroen C4 ”Runner” advertisement that appeared on French TV a few years ago.

Reading Between the Tea Leaves

Alan Colmes questions embattled Tea Party Convention organizer and tax scofflaw Judson Phillips about recent controversies surrounding his event.

Many teabaggers are thoroughly pissed at Phillips for turning the grassroots group into a self-enriching for-profit venture without their consent and for charging more than $500 per person to attend the event.

Listening to Phillips evade the most straightforward questions about his financing is an illuminating exercise in weaseltude. Doubtless, Palin’s hefty speaking fee (which has already been covered by sympathetic Republican donors) in this instance will simply be directed to her PAC, thereby allowing her to claim with some stretch of plausibility that she personally won’t be making any money from the event.

Meanwhile, the celebrity money-making ventures of Sarah Palin (now dubbed by some wags as “Lady Blah-Blah”) and her born-again virgin daughter, Bristol, continue apace — “The family that exploits together is maladroit together.”