Tom Who?

On Power & Politics the other day, MPs discussed Tom Flanagan’s somewhat surprising comments on Monday’s program where he stated that “everyone knows that parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the Afghan inquiry.” Responding to this assessment by Harper’s ideological mentor and former chief of staff, Shelly Glover, the Conservative MP for St. Boniface, MB said this:

I’ve heard some of the allegations made by someone by the name of Tom Flanagan. I don’t know who he is. I’ve never seen this man on Parliament Hill. He is a Canadian I understand and he is entitled to his opinion.

Needless to say, everyone on the program was utterly incredulous at the phenomenal cluelessness of Glover’s awkward reply.

By the way, Glover is the same nincompoop that last year wanted to distribute water bottles emblazoned with the Conservative Party logo to local schools in her riding and was dumbfounded when the offer was refused because it would have violated the school division’s policy regarding contributions of a political nature.

h/t: JKG in the comments for the link.



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15 responses to “Tom Who?

  1. It’s plausible that she damn well knows who he is, and this was a (failed) tactic to get across the idea that Flanagan should be ignored.

  2. That wouldn’t surprise me. Her ignorance was so comical (“He is a Canadian I understand”) it’s hard not to think it was a deliberate slight.

    But who knows… maybe she really is dumb as a sack of rocks. One can never tell with many Conservative MPs.

  3. TofKW

    I fully agree with Mark Francis, I don’t think she got the go ahead to appear on CBC without the PMO’s blessing. We all know Harper keeps his backbenchers in check, so I’m sure the ‘Flanagan, I don’t know no stinkin’ Flanagan’ line was part of the strategy to deflect sting.

    However I admit the possibility that maybe I’m over-thinking this. Anyone remember that old Gilligan’s Inland episode when the Soviet sailors washed up on the island and they were convinced the castaways were CIA plants? The classic line there was “Gilligan is much too stupid to be stupid, must be leader of whole plot” …maybe Glover really is that dumb?

  4. CWTF

    He is a Canadian I understand and he is entitled to his opinion.

    It seems odd that she would say that – given his American roots.

  5. Ah yes, indeed. A calculated dig perhaps.

  6. The performance was indeed cringeworthy. Ms Glover begins with the statement that she’d “heard some of the allegations made by someone by the name of Tom Flanagan”, then reveals that she hadn’t bothered to ask just who this fellow is. Yep, she doesn’t have a clue… though she can state with great certainty that he is a Canadian.

    I’m with Mark. A failed tactic delivered by a lightweight.

  7. austin

    Let’s not forget that as much as Glover may be an idiot, she is at least twice as relevent than Flanagan.

  8. TofKW

    How do you figure Austin? I would say the only person more relevant then Tom Flanagan in shaping the direction of the conservative movement in Canada since the early 1990’s would be Preston Manning. Flanagan’s had a lot of influence on the creation of the Reform Party, and continued to have clout in both the Alliance and present day CPC.

    Harper may be pissed at his old professor for what he said on CBC a few days ago, but Flanagan has a history of calling a spade a spade. It’s a quality of his which I admire, and is lacking in many of his cohorts; including all 145 CPC MPs in Parliament.

    As for Glover, you remember Trudeau’s famous line that MPs are “nobodies” 50 yards from Parliament Hill, right? Well since his government’s consolidation of powers within the PMO, further reinforced and refined by Mulroney and Chrétien, and now perfected by Harper; how much relevance does Glover really have within the government, let alone her own party? To Harper she’s a useful idiot, and that’s about all.

  9. TofKW, well said. Ms Glover is in the House for much the same reason Ms Frum is in the Senate. They are nothing more and nothing less than rubber stamps.

  10. Glover was a cop. One would think that someone in the police force would have a natural investigative mind and know facts.

  11. Ti-Guy

    Of course she was lying. Listen to how she qualified her “I don’t know who he is…” with “I do not know Tom Flanagan. I’ve never met the man…” which could very well be true.

    Should we be grateful that she’s such a bad liar?

  12. She’ll never make cabinet level with shoddy lying skills like that! 😉

  13. jkg

    It sounds like splitting hairs really with what she said. but I think this was a target and shield tactic by the PMO. This performance makes her look incredibly incompetent, but you can imagine the response one would get should you call her stupid. The knee jerk reaction probably would be something akin to “what do have against women in the CPC caucus?” or “you are a sexist hypocrite.” After all, given the Harper cabinet with people like Ambrose and Raitt, there was plenty of mocking and criticism of their competence in their positions, and analogous defenses were erected to defend them.

    Luckily, people would most likely see throw this one. One should really send a memo to Soudas and suggest to him the Solomon Rule/Test: If Evan can detect your spin, throw the talking point into the bin.

  14. Omar

    Man, are you on some sort of time delay out there on the west coast?

  15. Ehhh, what can I say? I’ve been avoiding the news for the most part and spending my time working and listening to the BBC Radio 4 history programs.

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