Dumb & Dumber

It’s hard to think of any two people in America that come across as more patently phony and disingenuous than this pair of blithering idiots.

The most egregious part of this segment was cringe-inducing exchange precipitated by Beck asking the former half-term Governor, “Who’s your favourite Founder?”

“You know, well, all of them, because they came collectively together with so much–” Palin began, in a manner much like her non-answers to Katie Couric’s questions about which newspapers she’s read (“All of them.”) and which Supreme Court decisions she’s disagreed with (which brought a similarly broad answer about how there are a lot of decisions).

“Bullcrap,” Beck interrupted. “Who’s your favourite?”

“– so much diverse and so much diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together — and they were led by, of course George Washington, so he’s got to rise to the top.”

John Cole put it best: “This is like one of those awkward moments in school when a student is giving a presentation they are completely unprepared for, and the teacher knows it, the student knows it, and everyone watching knows it, yet you sit there and go through the charade.”


12 Replies to “Dumb & Dumber”

  1. I knew sister Sarah was always in it for the cash.

    Her looks are going so she has to cash in now.

    You don’t get to the White House from a seat at Fixed News.

  2. Brian — The previous segment of the interview was ALL about their “faith” and other such godly reflections. Not for the faint of heart. 🙂

  3. Good grief. Where’d they find her? Talk about clueless. But she’s certainly got her talking points from the PMO in order and that’s what counts in Harperland!

  4. As one commenter pointed out to me, I think this is the case of the ‘sacrificial lamb’ approach in which she has to relay the talking points (I would suspect at least to some degree of annoyance), but she becomes both a target and a shield. I am sure there will be an increasing marginalization of Flanagan forthcoming.

    btw, I didn’t realize it but the clip is up on youtube actually here .

  5. Gaawd, that guy is tedius! I had to skip over some of his bla bla bla, because I couldn’t stand him. As for Sarah Palin, I thought she did OK – as long as I listened to her. I thought she did OK as Beck’s shrink, for one thing. The man was looking for a president to worship, and she pointed out that it was, well, foolish. Her reasons for admiring George Washington made sense to me, too, but at no time could I persuade myself that “Governor” Palin resembled him in any way. Au contraire, she seems to be the complete opposite of everything he stood for.

    George Washington may have been the right person for the job, back in 1776, but the bureaucracy and lobbying, to name 2 items, have swollen to the point that nobody can control them. In fact, there seem to be relatively sane people who think the CIA is really running the country.

  6. Penny — They did a hilarious bit on The Daily Show last night comparing her to the young FBI trainee in Silence of the Lambs and Beck as Hannibal Lector.

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