Crisis? What Crisis?

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that “Jamie” Dimon has such a flippant attitude towards the financial meltdown. After having received its $25 billion TARP bailout in late 2008, JPMorgan Chase paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses to more than 1,826 of its employees. This included the bank giving $1 million bonuses to each of more than 1,626 employees, and $3 million bonuses to each of more than 200 employees.

Aside from his remarks being incredibly tone deaf, it certainly doesn’t say much for the so-called free market system when the CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co and Class A director of the New York Federal Reserve shrugs off financial crises as predictably routine events that occur every five or ten years.


3 Replies to “Crisis? What Crisis?”

  1. What ever made you think banks or any other mega company has learned their lesson? The Federal Reserve is just a private instution that calls the shots. Greed is greed and they don’t give a darn for the working people….they are just widgets and that includes the educated….educated widgets.

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