Freedom of Speech “Threatening”

At least according to Bill O’Reilly, who felt the “demented pinhead” that heckled former president George H.W. Bush recently in a Houston pizzeria should have been arrested by the Secret Service and “held accountable.” For what exactly, isn’t quite clear. “Can’t let that stuff go,” said Bill O, shaking his head in disgust.

At a stretch, I suppose some of the heckler’s comments could have been construed as possibly slanderous in nature (e.g., calling him a “murderous, Zionist, piece of shit” and blaming him for the death of millions), but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely illegal in what the man did by publicly rebuking the former president.

Update: And speaking of post-presidential Bush indignities…



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5 responses to “Freedom of Speech “Threatening”

  1. TofKW

    Labeling Bush Jr. a Zionist is uncalled for, but murderous piece of shit responsible for the death of millions is spot on. The truth hurts, and it’s not illegal to speak it …though in the US I’m not entirely certain that’s true anymore.

  2. Ti-Guy

    Liz Cheney looks a lot like Tonya Harding, don’t you think?

  3. TofKW

    I’d watch my kneecaps around her 😉

  4. benalbanach

    Wonder if her father taught her how to shoot ?

  5. Lou Pha

    As illustrated by the Republitard defense of the teabaggers conduct at health care forums, this guy needed to have a gun with him to confer legitimacy to his public policy opinions.

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