Google’s Islamic “Bug”

I have to admit this is quite a strange little anomaly on the part of Google. It seems that if you enter the search expression “islam is” (minus quotes of course) Google offers no suggestions at all, whereas the same expression used with other religions readily offers up a number of prompts (mostly pejorative in nature — e.g., “christianity is”… bullshit; not a religion; a lie; a cult; wrong; fake; et cetera).

Google officials purport this anomaly is a “bug” of some kind in their algorithm; a claim that I think seems more than a bit dubious, all considered. But who knows? Go try it yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Just for fun, here’s what Google offers up on the Dear Leader using the exact same kind of search.

Michael Ignatieff’s result (just two suggestions, one being “an idiot”) is much less amusing.

A Noun, A Verb, And A Lie

Following the backlash to his obviously false claim on Friday’s GMA that there were “no domestic attacks under Bush,” Rudy Giuliani issued a statement through a spokesbot saying that the remark “didn’t come across as it was intended” and that the former mayor was “clearly talking post-9/11 with regards to Islamic terrorist attacks on our soil.” Oh yes, clearly. The problem however, is that he’s still lying …

I’m not sure what’s worse, mendacious sacks of shit like Giuliani or the docile media slackers like George Stephanopoulos who freely allow them to dissemble and attempt to rewrite history on their broadcasts.