“A Cloud of God’s Wrath”

Every year, Pat Robertson has a little sit down with God to chat about what America can expect in the coming year.

“What He is telling me, and I believe it’s right, is there’s a cloud over this nation; a cloud of God’s wrath over America,” he told the staff of the Christian Broadcasting Network last week. Robertson (or as The Rude Pundit calls him, the “head pudsucker of the batshit insane”) then went on to channel God: “You can’t have your courts turn against Me, you can’t have legislation that is anti-God, you can’t foster in your midst things that I call an abomination… you can’t do that! And if you do, sooner or later, judgment is going to come.”

“God is gradually turning the screws on this nation,” Robertson concluded. And who knows… maybe he’s right. After all, Lloyd Blankfein: chairman and CEO of Goldmann Sachs did recently claim that he was doing “God’s work”…

Or maybe not, Robertson’s predictions are surprisingly unreliable considering they’re purported to come directly from the Almighty. In 2006, he said there would be a Tsunami striking the Northwest U.S., the year before that he claimed that Bush would get tax and social security reform passed, and in 2004 that Bush would win the election “in a blowout” (3 points does not a blowout make).