Rush Checks Out

Following the “mysterious” chest pains experienced earlier this week that resulted in him being rushed to hospital, upon his release from Queens Medical Center comedian Rush Limbaugh held a “press conference” (in which virtually no questions were asked).

Rush announced that he had “been treated to the best healthcare the world has to offer” and, based on his extensive survey of the treatment received by one multi-millionaire celebrity, he concluded that: “I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with the American healthcare system.”



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7 responses to “Rush Checks Out

  1. Tomm

    Thank God Rush is OK.

    I sure hope the homeless people in the Great State of California get to see his press conference.

    It will be a huge comfort to them, I’m sure.

  2. Tomm

    Rush is such a boar…

  3. Some what reminiscent of the old Jack Layton assertion of a 6 minute wait time to see health care professionals in Canada.

  4. No, actually, Grey Lady, not at all reminiscent of any statement by Layton. How you find it so is a mystery.

  5. Oh my….. I perceive you must have a life full of mysteries then.

  6. benalbanach

    I had a hard time trying to talk myself out of the wish that the bastard should die.

  7. counter-coulter

    Leave it to Rush to create a strawman in the HCR debate. No one is saying that those with means don’t have quality care; it would be nice if everyone could have the same access.

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