Defcon Stupid

On Fox News yesterday, retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney advocated with dead seriousness that in order to prevent future terror attacks on commercial flights, all Muslim men between the ages of 18 to 28 years old be strip searched at airports. How exactly one determines the religious faith of passengers wasn’t revealed in McInerney’s cunning plan — it is conceivable, after all, that if asked, they could actually lie about this salient bit of profiling information… Also not made clear was how or why the suicidally terroristic effects of Islamic “radicalization” threatening the global air transportation system apparently disappear in young Muslim men upon their turning 29.

Even the Fox anchor was somewhat stunned by the catastrophic insanity of this ridiculous scheme, pointing out the likelihood of a hostile backlash of resentment from the widespread group of people McInerney proposes be routinely humiliated for probative scrutiny by airport security.

Aside from McInerney simply being completely mad, Chris in DC has a more intriguing theory about what may be motivating the general’s “new and exciting effort to ‘be very serious and harsh’ towards these well-tanned, exotic males.”



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5 responses to “Defcon Stupid

  1. Grammin

    I think someone hatched a scheme for this nut-job to present this absurd idea so as to settle for a watered-down version of the same thing at a later time. That way, the (non-Muslim) population will all collectively say, “I guess its not that big a deal, considering the insane measure suggested at an earlier date.” People tend to swallow smaller amounts of medicine over time, but as time passes they end up swallowing much more than they ever would have accepted initially. Just my thoughts on the matter…..

  2. An interesting and quite plausible theory.

  3. I wonder why no one suggests profiling… you know, those sort of people… the ones that crashed the global financial industry (or auto industry, airlines, health insurance, or newspapers, whatever). I bet you could construct a profile with just as much predictive capability and utility (which is to say, negligible).

  4. Tomm


    I also think Grammin is barking up an interesting tree.

    There is a push to somehow exclude little old ladies, less tanned people, and people with mortgages from the airport scrutiny. This might be the thin edge of that wedge.

  5. Wayward son

    “Even the Fox anchor was somewhat stunned by the catastrophic insanity of this ridiculous scheme”

    Is she new to the network?

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