Stephen Fry on Monotheism

An excerpt from Fry’s “Big Think” interview on the Importance of Unbelief.

From the transcript:

It’s interesting. Atheism comes into rather a bad press and I suppose I’d rather describe myself as a humanist, who human… I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe there is a God. If I were to believe in a god l would believe in gods. I think monotheism is the really ghastly thing. That is the absolutely staggering to me misapprehension. I can perfectly see why anybody might imagine that each thing, each thing that grows, each phenomenon that we… that accompanies us on our journey through life, the sky, the mountains, spirits of nature. I can imagine why man would wish to endow them with an inner something, an inner animus that they would call the god of that thing. I can see that. It’s a beautiful and charming way of looking at it and I can understand the Greek idea that there are these you know these principles of lightening or of war or of wisdom and to embody them, to personify them into a Athena or Aries or whichever god you want makes enormous sense…

I’m certainly inclined to agree with his interpretation of the ancient Greek view “that if there were divine beings they are capricious, unkind, malicious mostly, temperamental, envious and mostly deeply unpleasant.”

Rush Checks Out

Following the “mysterious” chest pains experienced earlier this week that resulted in him being rushed to hospital, upon his release from Queens Medical Center comedian Rush Limbaugh held a “press conference” (in which virtually no questions were asked).

Rush announced that he had “been treated to the best healthcare the world has to offer” and, based on his extensive survey of the treatment received by one multi-millionaire celebrity, he concluded that: “I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with the American healthcare system.”

Defcon Stupid

On Fox News yesterday, retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney advocated with dead seriousness that in order to prevent future terror attacks on commercial flights, all Muslim men between the ages of 18 to 28 years old be strip searched at airports. How exactly one determines the religious faith of passengers wasn’t revealed in McInerney’s cunning plan — it is conceivable, after all, that if asked, they could actually lie about this salient bit of profiling information… Also not made clear was how or why the suicidally terroristic effects of Islamic “radicalization” threatening the global air transportation system apparently disappear in young Muslim men upon their turning 29.

Even the Fox anchor was somewhat stunned by the catastrophic insanity of this ridiculous scheme, pointing out the likelihood of a hostile backlash of resentment from the widespread group of people McInerney proposes be routinely humiliated for probative scrutiny by airport security.

Aside from McInerney simply being completely mad, Chris in DC has a more intriguing theory about what may be motivating the general’s “new and exciting effort to ‘be very serious and harsh’ towards these well-tanned, exotic males.”