Oh, What a Lovely War

Not that yet another reason is needed to predict with absolute confidence the eventual failure of the “mission” in Afghanistan, but here’s one anyway: It seems that during breaks in fighting, the vast majority of Afghan soldiers enjoy nothing more than to smoke hash and randomly fire their guns at nothing in particular.

As independent war correspondent David Axe has noted, “All Afghans smoke pot — especially in winter, when roads are snowed in and nobody’s working.” All fine, but a situation that poses a bit of an obstacle to the spurious notion of “training up” the Afghan National Army and security forces…

Perhaps NATO and the U.S. government should simply buy the Taliban and the Afghan Army Xbox 360s and Call of Duty, then they can get stoned and play each other all night long without actually hurting anyone.



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6 responses to “Oh, What a Lovely War

  1. burpster

    VBS.tv has some great video.

  2. Yeah, I just stumbled across it last night.

    This was a real eye-opener for me, although I don’t know why I should have been surprised in the least.

    Axe’s http://www.warisboring.com is quite a good site too.

  3. burpster

    Another very good look at the U.S. Marines. Video here

  4. Excellent. Too bad more of that isn’t shown on the “MSM” — mind you, they’d have to bleep out 80% of the dialog… 🙂

  5. krystal

    all gods children should smoke pot

  6. Quite so. The world would be a much more peaceful, albeit far less productive place…

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