Traducing Taber’s Twaddle

Seeing as the Globe & Mail has seen fit to close off its comment section (“for legal reasons”) on Jane Taber’s latest bit of unctuous prattle describing the “10 most endearing politicians of 2009” I thought it might be fitting to allow folks to vent their spleens here if they feel so inclined…

Update: Flaherty’s “Endearing” deficit-reduction plan.



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19 responses to “Traducing Taber’s Twaddle

  1. David Winchester

    I wonder when Harper’s going to call her to give her a seat in the Senate?

  2. Bill

    Fuck you Garden Finance Gnome!!!

  3. Brent Fullard

    Jane Taber has got worse by a factor of seven….ever since she went from a weekly column to a daily column.

  4. Ti-Guy

    This is ridiculous. What is the point of having Jane “Well, *I* Thought it was Funny” Taber post anything, if not to get 300 comments from the type of fatuous nimrods who enjoy screaming their nonsense into the void of those types of MSM comments sections (which are not blogs, just click-bait)?

    She always does this, and it’s so played out: she thinks using a sarcastic interpretation of a concept (like ‘hot or not’ or in this case ‘endearing’) is clever, but it’s just irritating, especially in the pre-verbal, post-literate era.

    I don’t find any politician particularly endearing. It’s not their function, for one thing.

  5. Fuck me. Her top 10 list has 17 people. How lazy is that?

  6. Ti-Guy

    Her top 10 list has 17 people. How lazy is that?

    Well, Jane thought it was funny! 😉

    Gawd, she’s just plain awful.

  7. Wow. Reading that piece made me feel so old: I actually remember when the Globe was a real newspaper.

    Some annotations:

    [Menzies, McCallum, and Mulcair] are good value.

    Taber momentarily forgets that she’s talking about CTV’s political panel, not a slave auction.

    [Kenney and Velshi] don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Perhaps thinking it too obvious for special mention, Taber omits to praise the men for being too smart to take themselves too seriously.

    Likeable and frank, [Rajotte and Del Mastro] are indefatigable workers for their caucus and party. They are true partisans.

    Taber appears unaware of the irremediable incompatibility between being “likable and frank” and being a “true partisan”.


  8. 1. The wives Canada is blessed with a trio of dynamic women who happen to be married to political leaders: Laureen Harper is smart and enthusiastic about life, a great asset to her husband she encouraged him to take to the stage at the National Arts Centre and play and sing in front of a black-tie gala crowd. Zsuzsanna Zsohar is married to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. Intellectual and charmingly eccentric, she is a breath of fresh air in stodgy old political Ottawa. Olivia Chow is a political spouse in the true meaning of the word – she’s an MP sitting in the caucus of her husband, NDP leader Jack Layton.

    Since when are politician’s wives politicians?

    God. So much stupid squeezed into such a small place it could become coal.

  9. Brad

    Did/does she and Duffy have something going on?

  10. Navvy

    Did/does she and Duffy have something going on?

    Doubt it, she’s not a cheeseburger.

  11. Ti, are you fucking up the tags again? 😉

  12. Ti-Guy

    Well, whoever messed up the tags, messed ’em real good. The entire blog is in italics now.

    LOL! FAIL!

  13. Ti-Guy

    Since when are politician’s wives politicians?

    Toujoursdan: she did write that the list restricted to elected politicians. On the issue of Chow, though, it’s pretty lame to have included an elected one among her list of First Ladies.

    Awful. Just awful.

  14. Nope, that was me. Sorry about that. Had an em tag that went rogue.

  15. Jim

    Taber is obviously high on something…she called Worn Kantsellit endearing?!?

  16. Ti-Guy

    Do you want Taber killed, Jim, like you and pals at SDA were celebrating the other day?

  17. Jim

    TiGuy, are you suffering from some sort of chemical imbalance or some such?

    I don’t want anybody killed and I never go to SDA.

    Actually, I very seldom go to any of the Tory blogs. I get all my fun on the Liblogs.

    Oh and BTW, Merry Christmas.

  18. TofKW

    Taber is obviously high on something…she called Worn Kantsellit endearing?!?

    I stopped reading after she called Dean Del Mastro endearing. That’s like calling a melanoma endearing. Taber is officially the biggest twit masquerading as a political columnist these days.

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