Poll: To Prorogue or Not

It’s been ages since we had a good old fashioned poll around here, but seeing as this afternoon’s Politics & Power panel is pondering prorogation, maybe it’s a timely survey topic.

By the way, if you have ideas for future polls, don’t hesitate to let me know.



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37 responses to “Poll: To Prorogue or Not

  1. Ti-Guy

    Of course not. It’s like asking “do want Harper to act like a dictator, yet again?”

    There’s no good reason to prorogue, except to spare the Harper Party from facing some difficult issues in the new year.

    Having said that, there’s nothing the rest of us can do to stop it, short of insurrection.

  2. Will it really spare Harper though Ti-Guy? You think Dewar and co will just let it go because of a prorogation? Why not let him lock the doors and then come back and keep at it when everyone is paying attention again after the Olympics?

    Just a thought. I voted no.

  3. I’m agnostic on the issue, but didn’t offer up that option… 😉

    In hindsight, maybe I should have.

  4. Ti-Guy

    Why not let him lock the doors and then come back and keep at it when everyone is paying attention again after the Olympics?

    Gives the Harpies a lot of time to get stories straight, shred documents, threaten and/or move people in the civil service around without anyone paying too much attention…

    Like I said, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s out of our control. All I know is, as with everything, if the Conservatives think it’s the right thing to do, by definition, it’s not.

  5. I’m curious what the official reason given to the GG would be. To bask in the warm glow of the Olympics I suppose.

  6. Jim

    Considering that the Conservatives gain a majority in the Senate after Jan 2/2010, prorogation would allow the Cons to reset all committees to a Con advantage.

    And because of the new rules regarding private members bills, C-391, dealing with the long gun registry stands. Yippee!

    Brilliant! Prorogue away! He doesn’t even need the prorogation to continue until after the Olympics. One day will be long enough to get away with flushing the commitees.

    And if you see this as some sort of “dictatorship”, demand your party grow some stones and bring down the government.

    Or maybe you want to try that coalition thing again.


  7. Ti-Guy

    Would you bilious right wing cocksuckers just go to hell, already?

    Fuck off, Jim. Go back to SDA and celebrate the deaths of journalists.

  8. Jim

    Bwahahahaha…stings a little don’t it TiGoof?

    Fuck you too, and Merry Christmas, dickhead.

  9. Grammin

    I honestly think the longer this torture shit-show goes on, the less the average Canadian will care. You guys care because you want to tar Harper as much as possible, but the fact remains that many see it as a foreign affair that is not that interesting unless it is a Canadian committing the act. We can’t govern the activities of animals and Canadians are going to see it that way too. It may even backfire to the Libs being exposed as opportunistic and attempting to attack our armed forces for their own gain.

    I know many of you REALLY want this to be some kind of fatal blow to this slippery PM but I see it as yet another smear-job failing. Maybe Stevie will treat us to some Oh Canada at the Olympics 🙂

  10. Ti-Guy

    Grammin, how do you think public opinion will change whatever facts are out there with respect to this issue?

    That people like you don’t care about torture is of course, well-known. But entirely irrelevant.

  11. Big Winnie

    If Harper prorogues parliament, ALL salaries of the governing party should not be paid; hell, if we “commoners” did that, we’d get nothing…Let them apply for EI

  12. Grammin

    I wouldn’t advocate torture, nor would I be shocked or appalled at it being used by uncivilized pricks. If it is realistically within our power to prevent it, I would support it being prevented – but that is unlikely. Due to the public sympathy and outrage over the death of single soldiers, it is apparent that our country lacks the collective ball-sack to operate in an actual war zone.

    Sound bytes are less poignant as time passes and those are what count nowadays. They are replaced almost daily for as soon as the media says, “OOO a shiny quarter!” the public all run towards it. The Olympics will strike more of a positive note will Canadians towards Harper than the dragged-out torture issue. If I’m wrong, so be it, but that is unlikely. I will think a lot more of the toutiere, perogies, cabbage rolls and turkey I am about to consume this CHRISTMAS season than I will about anything remotely political – and that’s a good thing. Warmest regards.

  13. Grammin

    *with Canadians towards Harper……..

  14. A. Sirrom

    Red Tory…why do you post that vulgar language? It’s so very juvenial. Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  15. Ti-Guy

    You didn’t answer my question, Grammin. How does public opinion change the facts that are out there?

  16. A. Sirrom — I don’t “post that vulgar language”… people here are free to make comments without any interference.

  17. Grammin

    I merely believe that the facts aren’t that interesting. I leave it to individuals to decide for themselves whether or not those facts are important to them.
    It is merely my opinion that, even if some mistakes were made, so long as the situation was righted, I choose to not care. I have always maintained that within a theatre of conflict, horrible mistakes can and will occur and that so long as that is not the norm and steps are taken to prevent them, I do not see it as something to harp on. If the public collectively chooses to punish the CPC for this, that is their right, though I doubt anyone else would have done better.

  18. JMR

    I was horrified to hear the Power Panel blithley call proroguing parliment just resetting the button. For 135 years we didn’t need to prorogue parliment and Then Stephen Harper did something stupid and nearly lost his job. He went with tail between his legs and asked the GG for permission to shut down parliment
    he got it. Once again Harper is in trouble and he wants to shut down again, no good reason just because he can. This isn’t good enough we expect our government to govern and our parliment to work.

  19. Gayle

    I really don’t understand how the Olympics are supposed to make Harper more popular? Is he on the hockey team or something?

    As for whether the torture allegations will “stick”, I suggest this is a bigger issue than local partisan politics.

    This has to do with accountability. Whether or not people think torture is not “sexy”, there is still that small matter of the cover up.

    If the opposition is smart, they will use any prorogation as more fuel to the whole “Harper is running away scared because he is a big fat liar” thing. That is how the issue should be played for partisanship.

    The non-partisan issue is whether our government allowed prisoners to be turned over when they knew those prisoners risked being tortured. That is a serious allegation and it deserves to be treated seriously – with or without political traction.

  20. Ti-Guy

    I merely believe that the facts aren’t that interesting.

    What facts? That’s the problem…the facts haven’t come out.

    Shorter Grammin: Does this torture scandal make me look fat?

  21. Bob Bruce

    Hey Martin, I know we rarely agree on anything, but sometimes we do, so in the spirit of the season have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



  22. Grammin

    Merry Christmas. (and you look quite svelte TG)

  23. It’s so very juvenial.

    Why are so many prudes illiterate, and why do so many of them reserve their ire for harmlessly ribald locutions whilst smirking indulgently at significant vulgarity, such as a prime minister who thinks belting out Muzak Beatles like a third-rate barfly on Amateur Night warming up the room for the strippers is somehow consistent with the dignity of the office?

    Hey Martin…have very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I’m probably alone on this, but I would have loved to have had the privilege of actually seeing the shit-eating grin cloyingly lifting Bruce’s jowls as he typed that nauseatingly disingenuous tripe.

  24. Bob Bruce

    In other news Democratic Senators reject Obama’s public health insurance;

    Central to those talks, House leaders said, will be the search for an acceptable substitute for a government-run insurance plan that those without medical coverage could purchase, a provision the House designed to compete with private insurers and force them to rein in costs. While the Senate has decisively rejected the “public option,” House leaders say they will demand other concessions to ensure that Americans can afford the insurance they will be required to buy if the bill becomes law.

  25. Bob — One should never confuse “news” with “statements of the bleeding obvious”…

  26. TofKW

    I honestly think the longer this torture shit-show goes on, the less the average Canadian will care.

    If the average Canadian does not care then:
    a) Why have our troops been fighting and dieing in Afghanistan for the past 8 years?
    b) Why are those clowns about to prorogue Parliament again?

    …but the fact remains that many see it as a foreign affair that is not that interesting unless it is a Canadian committing the act. We can’t govern the activities of animals and Canadians are going to see it that way too.

    I totally agree with you on this, which is why Harper should have just called the fucking inquiry right after Colvin’s original testimony. Damage would have been minimized since Canadians are a forgiving lot, and we know our troops have been exemplary throughout their entire deployment in Afghanistan.

    The thing the Harpernauts don’t get is this is no longer about the Afghan detainees any more. It has gotten much bigger.

    It may even backfire to the Libs being exposed as opportunistic and attempting to attack our armed forces for their own gain.

    Says the gang hiding behind our troops for cover. The most blatantly opportunistic and partisan thing you can do is to pull a Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld maneuver. Or did you forget they tried this ‘if you attack the government you attack our troops’ shtick …and it didn’t work for Bush Jr. too well in the end did it?

  27. The Senate rejected it this time. We’ll see if it ends up in the bill after the House and Senate versions are harmonized.

    If it doesn’t happen now, it will in a few years time. The boat is sinking fast. Under the current system more and more companies are shifting costs onto employees. And doctors are starting to charge “membership fees” from patients to see them. My doctor wants to charge me $1,500/yr just to see him and in asking around I found out I wasn’t alone. Profit driven healthcare is going to become unaffordable and something else will have to take its place. A government plan or universal privately managed non-profit plan is really the only way to keep costs down and spread the risk broadly enough.

  28. I voted ‘yes’ because I want to have even more to be outraged over. LOL.

    Merry Christmas, or whatever…

  29. I voted no. It seems obvious that Canada’s parliamentary system is broken. This will just make it more so.

  30. Bob Bruce

    Tories Gain, Liberals Drop in Canadian Politics
    December 24, 2009

    (Angus Reid Global Monitor) – Canada’s governing Conservative party remains ahead of a sliding Liberal opposition, according to a poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion. 43 per cent of respondents would support the Tories in the next federal election, up eight points since mid-November.

    The Liberal party is second with only a mere 19 per cent—down six points in three weeks—followed by the New Democratic Party (NDP) with 16 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois with 11 per cent, and the Green party with six per cent.

  31. JMR

    I’m wondering if this prorogue is all a smokescreen to get the general public talking about this not the problems the Harperites would like to go away such as the Afgan detainees, the economy and the enviroment. Merry Christmas to All

  32. toujoursdan

    And in two weeks the polls will be back to where they were. It’s hard to take the latest polls seriously.

  33. Bob Bruce

    It’s hard to take Liberals seriously, convince the NDP and Bloc into voting non confidence and we’ll see what the public thinks of the hug a thug left wing moon bat coalition led by the three stooges, Iggy being the latest stooge on the block.

    Merry Christmas

  34. Bob — Yawn. It would be difficult to take “Conservatives” seriously if your opinions were actually representative of that party — as opposed to the big-spending, secretive, cynical Senate-stuffing hacktocracy that it is…

    Also, please try to step up your rhetoric a few notches in 2010 beyond painfully tiresome, unimaginative clichés like “hug a thug” etc. when demonizing the Liberals or anyone not on your political “team”…

  35. Bob Bruce

    Martin, aren’t you just gonna love 2010 being the year that the Senate finally gets Reeeefooooormed!

    Heh, and have a Happy Christmas…………………………and Merry New Year.

  36. Anon Mouse

    You made the FB group 🙂 I know, you’re absolutely thrilled. lol Also Far and Wide was posted too.

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