Gingerbread White House

As seen on Oprah!

Meanwhile, in the real world… Just 87.2% of U.S. mortgages were current in the third quarter, according to the OCC and OTS Mortgage Metrics Report released yesterday. Serious delinquencies jumped to 6.2% of mortgage-servicing portfolios, an increase of 16.7% from the previous quarter. The number of prime borrowers in trouble continues to mount as 3.6% of prime mortgages were more than two months behind on payments, more than double the number in default a year ago. Foreclosures in process reached 3.2%, an increase of 9.4%, with more than 1 million foreclosures in process.

But hey, that’s a pretty cool gingerbread house, eh?



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5 responses to “Gingerbread White House

  1. Good ol’-fashioned American know-how at its gluttonous best.

    I wonder if, in a spirit of Christian philanthropy consistent with the season, the makers plan to cut their confection into pieces after it’s enjoyed a suitable interval of admiration and distribute the remains among D.C.’s army of homeless, so that those freezing folks may enjoy a bit of patriotic dessert after their repast of tepid soup and mouldy bread?

    Or would that merely serve to reward street-people’s uselessness (and thus violate everything the gingerbread house was designed to represent)?

    Next on Oprah: Ali MacGraw shows us how to make adorable but affordable Christmas gifts for your Filipina au pair out of Play-Doh, and Dr. Phil broadcasts from Palm Beach, where he mediates between a couple who violently disagree on how much cake the masses have a right to eat. Stay tuned.

  2. Guzzeuntite

    “Just 87.2% of U.S. mortgages were current in the third quarter …” –RT

    As much as that? When the current administration having the lenders’ balls in a vice and restricted their ability to foreclose, added to the recent tax law change radically reducing the taxability of debt forgiveness income, I’m surprised anyone whose house’s value is less that it mortgage pays a dime to these “predatory” banks.

    Good for the majority of Americans to pay their debts despite the One’s winks and nods not to.

    “Good ol’-fashioned American know-how at its gluttonous best.”

    Frank, you are nothing if not predictable.

    Well … you’re contemptible too.

  3. Guzzy — Speaking of predictable…

  4. Ti-Guy

    Well … you’re contemptible too.

    Shut the fuck up, asshole.

  5. Yikes this definitely takes me back, do you twitter?

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