Land O’the Free – Home O’the Dumb

Here’s a somewhat puzzling confrontation between an off-duty DC cop and a bunch of kids throwing snowballs at passing Hummers on the snowy streets of Washington earlier today…

Speaking personally, at about 1:35 in that video, I would most assuredly have thrown “another fuckin’ snowball” at that gun-toting jackass… Most likely beaning him with an iceball right in the noggin at that stage of proceedings.

Good grief. Did the gun-toting “Detective Baylor” seriously think that a relatively harmless snowball might somehow damage his precious, mauve-colored, lightly armored, faux military vehicle in any way?


Sustaining Life

From yesterday’s Newshour, Dr. Eric Chivian, Center for Health and the Global Environment Director, Harvard Medical School, talks about the importance of preserving biodiversity and how, if nothing else, it acts as a kind of insurance policy for humans.