My “Kill Harper Fetish”

Who knew? Oh right… that hysterical nincompoop.

Welcome National Post readers! Come back again soon and I’ll try to find some new way of offending your delicate sensibilities.


20 Replies to “My “Kill Harper Fetish””

  1. So I’ve heard. Although I’ll just have to take CC’s word for it. Truly, I cannot read that man’s blog. It’s depressingly narrow-minded. Rather than being called “Angry in the Great White North” it should more appropriately be described as “Trivial Pursuit”…

  2. Ti-Guy, just went and listened to Janke’s meltdown. It has been a long hard day at work and I really appreciated the laugh. Thank you.

    I actually thought, however rabidly and blindly partisan Janke was, he seemed like a decent person and civil. But my goodness what a whacko. And a very rude whacko. Thinking that the Liberals were actually wanting Harper dead and this is actual proof.

    I mean, wow. And this is a “leading” conservative blogger.

  3. Right here. Atrue nutjob.

    I’ve always like Jeff Jedras and have new respect for his patience and tolerance after this even with all his Liberal “metaphors and layers” that has Janke so flumoxed..

  4. AS IF Stephen Harper would ever get so lucky!

    He’s going down to death by ignomy or mere decrepitude as are the majority of his followers and most of mankind.

    Harper, hunted… in his dreams. He’ll be drummed out of office and live out his life in Schreiberian/Rovian dreamland with his mentors, amassing some sort of self-sustenance out of his investment opportunities, and trying to protect his children from learning how big of an arse their dad really was. Probably by living in Texas.

  5. Frankly, the hysteria over paper holes in Harper’s head shows a distinct lack of faith in how Harper and the other 143,000 of his most ardent followers are to be Raptured. Touch the face of God, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

    Oh they of little faith. How they are outted. But then again, only 143,000? The infighting is already terrible.

  6. Ow gawd, Harper’s hellions will go off harebrained in all directions if some protesters at Copenhagen fire up an over-stuffed Harper efigy doused in dirty oil, burning moodily and smoking to the sky and then, unholy of unholys (or even paper holies) getting shot up onto YouTube before you can say Ow gawd.

  7. By the way, three large foreheads that would be much improved with paper holes.
    Ti-Guy please warn people before unleashing such unholy multitudes and boiling tidal waves of insensate flesh – that image was scary.
    You have a criminal, what looks like a crack whore and a nutjob…

  8. I’m amused that they think Liberals have a death fetish when you look at some of the BT…
    You have Canadian Sentinel with the image of a cat sharpshooting, shlemazi using a quick-draw cartoon icon, halls of macadamia a bullet and has a gun, and of course small dead animals has one dead rodent (maybe she should rename her blog) not to mention all the fetus porn, invariably bad muslims and blacks that you’ll always find…

  9. I’ve been doing a scan of the major media outlets (CBC, CTV, Globe, Star, Ott Citizen, etc) and you have to dig around to find the story now. However the CTV News still has it listed on their main page (way down the page) but with no reader commentary. I didn’t bother with the National Pest, as they are nothing but the propaganda wing of the populist pinheads masquerading as the Conservatives. As much as the Harpernut blogisphere is buzzing with calls for the RCMP to round up the grits on treason charges, the real news outlets have moved on realizing the non-story this is.

    I did spot this rather nice post within the Globe’s politics section:
    Is that a ‘paper hole puncher’ Ignatieff is holding?

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