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Twas the Night Before Cloture

Minnesota Public Radio’s Jeff Horwich reads the Christmas classic with health-care reform and Sen. Joe Lieberman in mind.

Update: Speaking of Droopy Dog… Acting Senate president Franken pulls the pull on the Independent Gasbag from Connecticut.



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My “Kill Harper Fetish”

Who knew? Oh right… that hysterical nincompoop.

Welcome National Post readers! Come back again soon and I’ll try to find some new way of offending your delicate sensibilities.


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Thom Hartmann: Obama’s Big Sellouts

I’m really digging Thom’s radio show these days… Check it out if you haven’t heard him before.


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Dissing Dr. Dean?

Howard Dean on today’s Morning Joe defending his controversial position on the Senate healthcare bill.


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Keiser Report №5

Another quirky, offbeat look at the global economy, this week looking at food stamps in the U.S. and how drug money saved the global banking system. Keiser also speaks to libertarian Charles Goyette, author of NY Times bestseller The Dollar Meltdown.

By the way, the Guardian article referenced is an interesting read.

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