No Minister

Story from last night’s National news broadcast on CBC about the Harper government being brilliantly punked at the COP15 Conference by the infamous culture jamming activists The Yes Men

Update: The Yes Men explain how they hoaxed the world into thinking Canada had changed their position on climate change.



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8 responses to “No Minister

  1. TofKW

    Sounds about right, after all Canadians gave the world the finger by re-electing Harper over the green shift. We are now being shamed and ridiculed …and we deserve it.

  2. I think this sort of satire humour is priceless..


  3. Navvy

    Yeah, but it doesn’t work when you can’t even be bothered to change your bloody author tag. As always, conservatives don’t do humour.

  4. I wonder if Mike will feel flattered?

  5. Oh.. come on Naaaaaavy..

    Lighten up already 🙂

  6. Imitation.. you know..

  7. TofKW

    Actually I’ll give Rob some points for that, it was kind of funny. And aside from the “failed and dying party” part, there is a bit of truth to this. Iggy’s environmental policies are not all that far from Harper’s, (at least before the CPC leaked that they’re easing up on there own fairly lame emission reduction targets) aside from some talk about the grits investing in more green technologies. Lib environmental policy now is a shadow of what it was under Dion.

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