Harmonizing For Inaction

Terry Milewski on today’s Power & Politics explaining the intent of the leaked cabinet memo proposing that Canada’s emission reduction scheme be “harmonized” with U.S. legislation. Accordingly, the oil and gas industry would be given favourable treatment as an “energy-intensive trade influenced sector.”

Climategate Debunked

A very convincing rebuttal to the conspiratorial allegations being made by climate-change deniers in the wake of 13 years worth of hacked e-mails from the University of East Anglia.

Note: The second part of the video (embedded link at the end) is also worth watching.

No Minister

Story from last night’s National news broadcast on CBC about the Harper government being brilliantly punked at the COP15 Conference by the infamous culture jamming activists The Yes Men

Update: The Yes Men explain how they hoaxed the world into thinking Canada had changed their position on climate change.