Glenn Beck Pimping Goldline

Explains quite a lot of things, I’d say.

Shouldn’t Fox “News” at least have some fair disclosure when one of their fearmongering blowhards is also a “paid spokesman” for Goldline International, a vendor of “gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars as well as rare and collectible numismatic coins”? One might think so.

Skeevy Online Scams

What happens when “grassroots” political action committees secretly representing the health insurance industry farm out their online activities to unscrupulous third-party bottom-feeders…

Yes, they nefariously dole out “virtual rewards” to bargain-hunters in exchange for their tacit (likely unbeknownst) endorsement of boilerplate spam directed to Congress opposing healthcare reform. Isn’t democracy just an absolutely wonderful thing?

COP15 Protests (Part II)

Today witnessed the largest climate change rally in world history with indigenous people at the forefront of the protest. Urgh. Excuse me for not subscribing to this inane brand of romantic sentimentalism with regards to the naturalistic primitivism of “indigenous people” (which in itself is a fairly relativistic term, but that’s perhaps another discussion).

To my mind, the pretense that native peoples enjoyed a “sustainable” existence prior to the arrival of rapaciously exploitative Europeans is nothing but a patronizing façade of laughable revisionism disguising some crudely idealistic form of communist mythology.

Make no mistake that life in native societies, while it may not have been solitary, otherwise it was, to borrow from Hobbes, most certainly “poor, nasty, brutish, and short”… And as for putative claims to sustainability, one only needs to look to the ancient Mayans to see a perfect example of systemic ecological collapse precipitated by a maladapted primitive civilization excessively devoted to organized religion and ethnocentric warfare.

Christmas Cartoons

Settle down with a mug of hot chocolate, hit the full-screen button and enjoy some good old fashioned yuletide blood and gore with the Happy Tree Friends…