Another Fool’s Errand

So much for the naïve idea of “hope and change” that for just a brief while seemed so very promising at the time the White House was being fumigated last January. “Patience ebbs” indeed.

Some might still hold out some faith in Obama, but I see little reason why they should.

For a preview of the rationale that’s to be expected from President Obama when he addresses Americans from West Point tonight (photo-op alert!), Joe Sestak attempts to explain the convoluted new strategy behind the latest escalation of forces in Afghanistan. Press Secretary Gibbs also fatuously weighs in some alliterative spin… (translation: “blah, blah, blah blah…”).

Maybe the U.S. president should have spent less time over the past several weeks and months listening to his generals and political fixers and more of it watching The Fog of War (Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara’s shameful apologia for the debacle in Vietnam) or reading Jim Perry’s excellent book about imperialistic bungling in remote corners of the world — what Kipling called the “savage wars of peace.” Either of those intellectual endevours might likely have given Obama greater insight as to how the misadventure in Afghanistan will almost certainly play out.

An additional voice in the wind…


10 Replies to “Another Fool’s Errand”

  1. Ah yes, the “lesser evil” — how sad.

    So much of our politics is predicated on that vulgar idea of certain things being somewhat less bad or marginally less objectionable than others…

    Can’t we do a little better than that?

    Or maybe just approach it in a more straight-up way:

    “I [insert name] of the [insert name of your political party] will vow to be decidedly less corrupt, morally bankrupt, irrationally genocidal and generally somewhat less completely evil than [insert name of opposing political party].”

  2. If you asked Kristol for a sequence of numbers for the lottery and then played them in the reverse order, you’d probably hit the jackpot.

    Someone should try that.

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