Rhapsody in Destruction

A brilliant montage of New York being annihilated on film over the last 40 years set to Gershwin’s iconic jazz concerto.



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8 responses to “Rhapsody in Destruction

  1. That is just chock full of awesomeness.

    I read somewhere that Roland Emmerich was tired of seeing poor old Lady Liberty get destroyed in every single disaster movie, so he decided to give her a reprieve and left her standing in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

  2. “chock full of awesomeness”… What a great expression.

    I like getting swept up in the perverse grandeur of destruction, but if was to think too hard about that sentiment I suspect it might disturb me a little.

    More basically, it’s just fun to wreck things… Almost as much as it is to build them.

  3. what, no gene kelly?


  4. Yeah, Singing In The Rain would have been another good choice for a soundtrack. Especially appropriate at the moment given it’s now been raining here for like a month on end with just a few brief interruptions of sunshine here and there in between the fog and generally oppressive gloom.

    Oh no… I’m living in the Daly City of the North!

  5. I have been through Daly City many times, but never stopped. Nonetheless, that is a disturbing image, & I hope things get better very soon. (Would kill for some rain myself.)

  6. Not good memories of the place, but that might be a bit unfair. It just struck me at the time as kind of gloomy and banal.

  7. singing….? an american…. featured gershwin, but a clip from on the town would have worked.

    pay me no mind, i’ve got all my meta-refs effed.


  8. I just love Gershwin, especially that piece scored the way it is, and will take any opportunity to play it. One of my romantic favourites…

    Not altogether on topic, but seeing as we’re going down this road:

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