Harper Abroad

“Watch the stairs… Focus, dammit! Don’t trip, don’t trip; for God sake… don’t stumble and take a header…”

Another absolutely captivating moment featuring The Dear Leader looking painfully awkward and strangely robotic as he deplanes from a chartered Servisair flight on his way to the ridiculous CHOGM 2009 extravaganza in Port of Spain.



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12 responses to “Harper Abroad

  1. Joseph

    Was this before or after he launched another salvo on the opposition from foreign shores?

    So sad . . . so predictable. Steven Harper.

  2. Ti-Guy

    He was probably coached not to hold onto the handrail, since it would have looked less ceremonial and quite possibly effeminate. Thus, he was obliged to look down at the stairs to make sure he didn’t trip.

    By the way, when are we going to see Harper in a pair of skates, on the ice? I’m suspecting he’s a major klutz, so probably never.

  3. Tomm


    Good point. Can the Prime Minister skate? Or is he strictly a hockey fan?

    Now, THAT is worth a public inquiry, or at the very least un”redacted” documents.

  4. If skating becomes the metric for “Canadianess” then I’m doomed. Although I do have six stitches on my chin to show for a rather bad outing tending goal on a school hockey trip. (Came back from the ER to finish the game, btw…) Did much better at floor hockey after that where my GAA was 1:00.

  5. Tomm

    My hockey career was also short to non-existant. Strictly a fan and parent.

    Thank goodness nobody took away my passport for that one lapse in athletic judgement.

  6. jkg

    I have curling to fall back on luckily as that was my sport to complement my trombone playing whilst my brothers were hanging out with the boys hockey league. But hey, Curling involved the winners buying you a beer afterwards, which was not a bad deal.

  7. benalbanach

    You’d think we could build a better robot.
    Reminds me of a Benny Hillism. “Be sincere…Even if you don’t mean it”

  8. hemmingforddogblog

    “…strangely robotic…”

    Where have you been the last few years Red? He always looks robotic…always.

  9. jkg

    This for you, Ti-Guy, and also Red.

    It is early in the morning in the east, and I just got a great laugh from HIGNFY, Red. Check it out; at around the 3:45 minute mark, they reference a cock up by our own very own transport minister who text to say that “Maggie” was dead, his cat, not the former british PM, though it was mistaken as such. Enjoy:

  10. I heard Harper say in an interview a while back that he couldn’t skate when he was a kid.

    Well, well, here we go again. Harper took another partisan shot AGAIN on the international stage about the detainee issue and how the opposition parties don’t support the troops (something like that).


  11. JKG — Thanks. I watched that last night. Good show. Loved Jimmy Carr’s deadpan response there: “From the look of her?”

  12. @RuralSandi:
    I dunno, Harper’s managed to skate past pretty much everything since being appointed to keep the seat warm until another party gets its $#!7 together.

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