Surprise! Wars Are Expensive…

Of course I agree with Gil here, but if anything, he’s actually understating the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by a significant measure in failing to account for the hidden, long-term liability costs of the present conflicts that could tally more than $3 trillion — that of course is in addition to the combined initial outlay of $1 trillion, which is, of course, supplemental to the projected $5 trillion in “defense” expenditures over the next ten years.

But hey, Americans don’t want any of that nasty, intrusive and wasteful “big government” mucking up their individual “freedom” and “liberty” with crazy, unaffordable schemes like socialized medicine, right?



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2 responses to “Surprise! Wars Are Expensive…

  1. A. Sirrom

    Not very smart is it?

  2. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

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