Surprise! Wars Are Expensive…

Of course I agree with Gil here, but if anything, he’s actually understating the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by a significant measure in failing to account for the hidden, long-term liability costs of the present conflicts that could tally more than $3 trillion — that of course is in addition to the combined initial outlay of $1 trillion, which is, of course, supplemental to the projected $5 trillion in “defense” expenditures over the next ten years.

But hey, Americans don’t want any of that nasty, intrusive and wasteful “big government” mucking up their individual “freedom” and “liberty” with crazy, unaffordable schemes like socialized medicine, right?

“Guernica” in 3D

I don’t know exactly how the artist managed to achieve this effect but the result is simply amazing. Excuse the pun, but it gives a brilliant new dimension to Picasso’s famous mural.

How might other paintings be similarly rendered, I wonder…

Le Plan… Le Plan!

Points saillants du discours prononcé sur l’environnement, les changements climatiques et les emplois reliés à l’énergie propre à l’Université Laval.


Does this inane blather resonate with anyone? Don’t get me wrong… the generalities are possibly all well and good, but there’s a real lack of substance here. What specific proposals are the Liberals pitching and would it be too much to ask that the lofty rhetoric be backed up with facts and figures? Also, hard not to be reminded of this.

Borderline Crazy

Nice to know that the Canadian Border Services Agency is keeping us safe from dangerous political extremists like “Democracy Now” anchor Amy Goodman.

And while we’re on the subject of the CBSA, last week the agency was once again up to their odious tricks, demanding they first “review” material considered potentially obscene before allowing it to be imported; in this case some perfectly harmless films destined for Inside Out, Ottawa’s queer film festival.

Reform of the CBSA with respect to such illegitimate actions at the border is long overdue. Unfortunately, it’s not, as some opposition critics contend, a sign of the “creeping level of intolerance that one feels around this government,” but an inherent problem within the agency that’s existed for as long as I can recall.