What Would Jesus Buy?

Given it’s the day prior to “Black Friday” this seems like an appropriate film to re-visit. Actually, “Reverend” Billy appeared on CNN this morning (where you get “the most news” at 3:00 AM, apparently), but quite unsurprisingly he was just contemptuously scoffed at as being something of a loony crank rather than a clever performance artist on a mission to ween us from our materialistic ways…

Anyway, this is also a good opportunity to plug World Vision and their admirable effort to provide more meaningful Christmas gifts that can really make a significant difference to the lives of others less fortunate, both here at home and around the world.



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7 responses to “What Would Jesus Buy?

  1. Broken link.

    And I didn’t realize that Buy Nothing Day was targeted at the day after American Thanksgiving.

  2. Thanks for the notification. The link is fixed now.

    Yep, Buy Nothing Day is aimed squarely at “Black Friday” — the biggest shopping day on the American calendar.

  3. Green Assassin Brigade

    Being a carpenters son, I expect he would make people very nice spice racks or maybe a chair if he really liked you.

  4. GAB — Brings to mind a painting by Sir John Everett Millais of the young Jesus (figure on the left) constructing some kind of woody object — not a spice rack, however.

  5. Alec

    Yeah, the timing of Buy Nothing Day really speaks much more of ambition than practical results . . . they really ought to rethink that one.

    FYI — for those of us who might want to sidestep the subtle but ever present Christianizing mission of World Vision, will note that CARE Canada provide a nearly identical set of gifting options without the religious baggage.

  6. I detected nothing religious in the World Vision catalogue, but if CARE Canada is more acceptable to you, then go for it… Either one seems like a worthy cause to me. A goat, is a goat and fruit trees and medicine are just that…

  7. candida smith

    i agree w/Billy Tallen & the Stop Shopping Choir….idolatry is killing our nation and we need to be serving the one true and holy god, The Lord Jesus Christ.

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